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"what do you mean theres no gui? terry this is supposed to be a video editing software"
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soe…her short hair…her small titties…


annyyy second now… 30k… mid jan..


wtf this is semmler now? O___O


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now post the sick nerd


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the 2gd show was baste..


5k by march 10k mid jan 2020



where the heck is bruno


made it down to daytona, will be in orlando in an hour


dade is our county


road trip?


dade is my city


apollo on the stairs


i think it looks cool
but i dont think people will care about a 20 buck arena shooter


hope the battle royale fad will go away soon


i backed it cuz he said you could make a custom game where you could watch twitch stream with your friends


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wonder what avillo is gonna do with his life now that hes probably permabanned from twitch


isabelle caca


what did avilo do


are they gonna try to make it an esport ~_~


isabella vs perro feat caca


queue epic music



rifkin is such a slimy weasel


Dear female streamer friends,


classic rif's passive aggressive shit


i like rif
more than avilo for sure


rifkin is your textbook netizen loser who wants to find someone to bully to feel powerful just once in his life


i call it the internet forum moderator syndrome


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hey alright




"i gave in and modded him"


tone's dyslexic spelling always cracks me up


what ghibli film should i watch


nip-disney shite


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i chose waffle..


i have some other films too i think






okay im doing it


why did nintendo make the squids so alluring


why are you such a virped



they know their audience


avilo is a God tbh


ok… taking a break from pullups for a week was a good idea

went from 3 to 4.5 by doing nothing

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