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new thread
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dont click polshit


sargon is the least politically incorrect jewtuber


yeah hes also retarded


i think hes pretty smart but not that smart

maybe 120 iq




never mind i did floss.. need to get some waxed dental floss though



bros get in here she hit 2k and shes going to do something special


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twitch sucks balls dude
it's owned by tranny mafia


i went to the fabric/knitting supply store and bought a few yards of insanely cheap black felt to block my windows on the inside. it lets 0 light through


shes weird because she should be hot but has those weird eyes that freak the rest of her face out


is gibbon/durant readingbro here?




we dont like gooks we like anime gyals


im a femcel


what would you be if you got raped?




im racist


i'm proud to be racist. it's merely a safety mechanism that helps keep us safe



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10/10 epicness


toot get rid of the racists please


varg seems to get a pass on saying stuff that would make other people hitler (is it just because he's varg?)


woke up and read the thread


varg doesnt get a pass


trying to decide if i should read mahan's "british seapower and its poopy poops" or if it's a waste of time knowing that his doctrines become obselete with aircraft carriers


seems like he does to me


i would say no
it's long and antiquated and theres only so much time in the world


look match




reading anything written more than 50 years ago is generally a waste of time


>Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
>Originally published: 1979
glad that's still got a few more years


*reading anything


there's so many fun things to do for free i find it hard to justify paying for things


like what


push ups


nothing is fun so theres no reason to pay. if i was rich i would just hoard cooler stuff


what did u use to apply it to the window
does it also help insulation


we're not cave dwelling goblin boys who need to block out sunlight from our rooms


*shoves my dick in toots mouth and throws a 5 dollar bill in his face*
free market ancap style


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i folded it in half so it was 2 ply, cut it into a rectangle larger than my window, and tacked it to the window frame.
the insulation it provides is really good, surprised me a lot.


put ur flag back on!!! hehe


is it good or is it a just a meme


one of my apartments my room was one of those small solarium/sun rooms that extends out of the house. 3 of my walls were all windows and the other wall was double glass doors with window panes



where's the gif?!?

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