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the ocean is completely fucked theres no saving it. everyone in every country dumps everything into the ocean


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got a 5% off discount on them too!


dump them in the ocean


any of you fags checked out the game "kenshi"?


damn well id def read that manga


everything is fucked


why is sleeping so hard even dumb animals can sleep


wish i was basted




whats wrong?


ugh the lonely feels are back


asm,qknlekreljajkflhswhq;;qwhrqwr;kqwrjh;ejwrqhkm;jhewr3q;hnkmljq,3.r45etcv w


those are hard



wtf man


aren't we all lonely here?


i baited you all into no drinking 2019.. just to save the best of the best liquor for myself..


how can you be a such a treacherous little snake…


*ape swings between trees*


File: 1547106715994.png (133.72 KB, 1440x1740, kiqtfy1g4i921.png) ImgOps Google







the woman working at the store gave me this deal even though i only bought 4 bottles..


she wants the d bwo



omo you can see her bra


didn't this chick get banned?


she got a 3 day ban


suicides have reached a 5000% increase in jacksonville florida since the 5g rollout on dec 31st


is erryone asleep?


File: 1547112564719.jpg (7.61 KB, 206x244, skol ape.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


where's the wakeups?


its super windy tonight i could try but the wind carries sound




k-on killed anime dead


i think i might have have a fever


just go on without me… *lays down in the middle of the thread*


lol that guy died




i'd have to marathon all the cape shit movies if i knew i was dying


elon musk is a fraud he smoked weed on joe rogan my shorts will pay out


npr has 3 cunts talking about a movie based on ruth bader ginsburg and how she is a hero


arab girls….




okay i got 16 gb ram too….now all i need is a new gpu…..


i hate computers


we love computers here




1 in 20



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