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the weekend approaches..
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last night she got on top of me and started spitting on me and asking me to punch her in the face and call her anzie (her dad used to call her that), i didnt want to do this so i told her to get off me. well she started getting mad and shouting that shed go fuck someone else.


you were larping about having gay sex with strangers yesterday and today youre larping about your sister being an animal abuser
what will you think of next


*hops between my other e-personality*


bb turn on mtv2 theyre doing a viva la bam reunion


hangman is a fucked game


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you just got pranked lol i made that up


*shoenice cackles*


just lost a game because my teammate whiffed a save in overtime (:


nixon started the war on drugs in 71


thanks for the late response!


bam is a lord king gay with drug resistant HIV-1


hmmm my activate windows watermark went away on its own..


microsoft knows youre never gonna pay for it anyway


they're gonna take it away…


i liked that diiv song from yesterday


where is toot?


this sounds concerning…


fucking bunch of nigger cattle i just caught 4 min in. lemonigger is either retarded or is counting on the viewers being retarded

"trump said he was a tariff man, seeming to completely misunderstand that a tariff is a tax on imports.
one that raises prices for… you guessed it: consumers"

tariffs were like 6th grade social studies… tariffs are to fuck over foreign countries, not us. i dont even want to explain it any more because it would be talking down to the comm
drumpf obviously knows what they are


call me fishbreath cause i just ate some tuna


grow up


just dropped a quick grow up on the comm


the cotton part of a q-tip just came off inside my ear



for me its hawley-smoot


we dont use q-tips here.. we irrigate our ears


there is a candling faction


i heard you are supposed to have a ent pick your ears


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File: 1546675533767.jpg (37.72 KB, 1100x734, ear-candle-being-used-on-w….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




i had a really bad wax problem in like 2010 and it lasted for months because i kept trying remedy it with q-tips.. id wake up in the morning and itd take like 15 minutes for it to "unstick" out of my ear so i could hear properly.. went to a walk in clinic and had to pay $100 bucks for some gook doctor to irrigate them because i didnt have health insurance.. at least he told me i could pick up an ear syringe from walgreens for $3 and ive been doing it ever since


how do i know if my hearing is bad cause of earwax


that wonderful feeling when the doc makes you hear again


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most of the candling pictures the people have a paper plate on the bottom of the candle to catch the wax. who candles like this?


visit your doc or get a hearing test


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the way i could always tell is if you put your index finger right there and push up on the skin if it makes your hearing worse then its wax


i get ok results sticking a pair of tweezers in my ear backwards and using that rounded medal end to scrape wax off the sides of my ear hole


you need to stop abusing your body with tweezers


dunno how someone can like sugary drinks
sugar kills the taste for me


new gabi garcia vid


plain club soda is the best





he used to be smaller than me. now he is larger


why is his hair like that




he's trenchcoat mafia now



the grey cover makes it look like a moving blanket you find in the back of a uhaul truck

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