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waddup boys
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toot what are some cool partitions of unity



if you dont have anything nice to say just stay quiet


blows my mind that hollywood is incapable of making a good transformers movie


having had eggs and potatoes before i can confidently say it isnt nasty at all and is in fact very tasty and comforting but not that filling cause of lack of meat


how do you know if it's good or bad you haven't even seen it


it looks like theres going to be a human transformer sexual relationship


you need to cook the potatoes until they brown a little like hash browns, the soggy ones are just gross


it's about time


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brap wagon incoming


i'm done for the night


theyve made five of them mate


im starting poe now


this isn't a michael bay one


i hate my self and want to die


two words

fortnite movie


best producer ever = jerry bruckheimer
best director ever = michael bay


i hope there's dabbing


well i guess i will change my mind if its good but as things are now they havent proven me wrong


fortnite movie poster idea:
single silhouette dabbing


it's bad that the 80's cartoon movie is better than all of the new ones


this guy said he would change his mind if it was good then there was a post that said 80s cartoon and i didn't read it


what if bumblebee floss dances


i did the potatoes for 10 minutes in the microwave


im not stalgiafaggin im saying the new movies are so bad that they're worse than the old series cartoon movie which shouldnt be


youre hopeless


the potato in the microwave guy that is


"why throw away your life so recklessly"


potatoes are one of the few things you can microwave without it sucking


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it's just art


don't trust microwaves


i once knew a guy that had the original super cool megatron transformer toy made of metal and stuff but he never let me play with it or even touch it really


i had a bunch of them. like 1/4 of what you see in the clip


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i think transformers are bad and just suck


i see we have a beast wars fan


new thread


no more unless you pay for bandwidth


*uploads another 100mb mp4*


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wish i was responsible enough to keep a dog


remember to get up and walk around for 15 minutes every hour, sedentary gamer bros


that's retarded
15 minutes every single hour? and entire quarter of my time just walking around? fuck off



one of these days i'm going to abandon technology and become and outdoorsman living in the country


get a non-sedentary hobby if it pisses you off


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