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*clacks claws*
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monkey correctly identifies one of its own kind


my alg must think im female


vinegar maybe?


listen, fucker


im not fucking gay dude


File: 1543768959693.mp4 (6.6 MB, france.mp4)




this is what happens when you push gamers too far


le happening xDDD
guys this is big its going down for sure this time


shes acting and your buying all her bullshit


why are the frenchies doing this
i saw macron get an egg in his face yesterday too


i FUCKIN love gooks



basic hegelian dialectic


sad beta incel incapable of trusting attractive girls
i see your whole life story bro it's not pretty



i love how lefties are just like "yeah this is all perfectly normal its just the french they love their protests haha"


hegelian dialectic
^ doesn't actually mean anything



>i see your whole life story


listen, toot
the twitch embeds


"attractive" lmfao


tseries about to dab on pewds….



oh no :/


most successful marketing stunt of all time
they're shaking hands behind closed doors and lighting up each other's cigars


the fucking curry niggers are winning!!!


grow up


really wanna play lost ark ;;


i dont like u tseries…




whats stopping you




lol truth stings huh


oh wait you were serious lol


its korea only



oh wait you were serious lol


Trump overheard saying 'get me out of here' as he suddenly walks off stage at G20 summit


i hope i dont ruin it with my bad attitude
do you think ill ruin it


little baby had to run back to his safe space




File: 1543770165657.jpg (2.71 MB, 1920x1200, WoWScrnShot_120218_120141.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





what an "achievement"



thank you


i'm doing a little bleach and baking soda since this one was sitting in my closet filled with stinky water


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