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keeping your ancap principles?
i think this is more important than that
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have you ever been to an american town?


i think reeki exit scammed us


i remember watching a vice piece once and they were filming in a town not far from me that ive driven through at least a dozen times and even played little league baseball tournament at and they were talking about it like it was the most decrepit shithole they'd ever seen
they were just totally aghast this place actually existed in america that people lived in this dumb i never thought it was that bad lol


whoops meant dump


they are playing to a narrative


got a 1TB SSD, used the samsung data migration thing to move all my shit over to it, seems to have worked perfectly. nice


those coastal liberal jerks don't understand having to decide what to eat based on whats on sale



just casually got a 1tb ssd
no biggie




it was like $130 or something



toot i hope they're giving you a cut


the ssds are going to keep going down in price


dont know what a ssd is but im getting mad seeing technorm posts


yeah i'm waiting till it's 100/terabyte


dont know what an ssd is


*waits 3 years to save $70*


capitalism has failed



yeah that was it


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church is full of people that will insist on talking to you


we crispy?


krispy kreme


2 more hours until its drinking time!


impregnation? kind of hot
pregnant belly? instaclose


whoever the guy posted joyce earlier is, i thought of a funny twitch comment
go to her channel and type "why is this guy just trading vulpix over and over"


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i think the bacterias in my stomach are having a war with each other


pew pew


are they raping eachother?


spongebob guy died…








first time bottoms be like

i can take it


Kill yourself sodomite


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imagine creating a subreddit
that is a heavy one


almost out of my watch later playlist oh no


the intersection between homosexuality, transgenders and anime


let that sink in


*lets it sink in*
hm yeah that's pretty nice


you attack
you provoke




a chronic rummager


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