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my face when i want to get some food but dad wont leave the kitchen
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suck my dick


*sucks it*


i want sickzii to crush my skull


is this his new gf
fucking piece of goth shit


*watches it again*



whoa i had no idea shes a part of (g)i-dle
no wonder they are so good


no wonder they are so good


this is what gamergate was all about
fuck reeki and his gamergate gamer crew


how the fuck are those people so un self-aware


shes so adorable :3
imagine getting a meal with her…..


*spits in her meal*


what the fuck retard


i want sickzii to cast a sex jutsu on my dumb ass


yeah fuck these kikes


ugh the shooter was a weird white loner again


im a weird white loner


dont shoot me you hear???


reeki why are they always white whats going on


reeki whats going on chico grande
why are these white ese's always be shooting up places


he's a nasty little rat dude watch at 21:36


lets fuck the rat out of him :3


reeki hermano que pasa?


this looks cool
and i usually dont even like single player games
just hope it comes out within the next 10 years


just owned some nerd


get a job


cissa banner is up


*makes sure not to hit refresh*


new thread time


love calling girl streamers fat over and over again


need… sickzii…
















let me guess….. the shooter was a fucking incel…..


*opens thread*


okay, guess


*closes thread*


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Falls Down, Fractures Three Ribs





too late


oh no ……


wow nice fuckin job

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