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*hooks up the four loko iv*
*blasts jungle beats*
its time..
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you must not be drinking the right stuff then


how is it a waste of time you just sip a drink while doing something else
and it's not anymore expensive than getting a coffee everyday or any other number of things


im definitely not drinking natty daddys or skol if thats what you mean


freak is probably a cheeweewoo milk drinker


File: 1541445440101.jpg (58.32 KB, 381x353, 1540876461039.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lol owned


if you're drinking like those henny boys on that 'gram then yeah it's stupid



dont reply to yourself



love grocery shopping on my lady bike with the front mounted basket
ringing the bell when people are in the way and saying thank you when they make way
the world seems wonderful and friendly but then i log on the internet and all i see is nigger this jew that libtard here drumpftard there hate, malice and homosexual subversion everywhere


you sound fucked in the head


/tea/ is nice


grow up


wtf is wrong with these retards


*smashes through the door as my skol ape sense overstimulate*


they got the florida wet brain


i love biking to the liquor store and telling pedestrians that oprah winfrey got hit by a truck


File: 1541446004110.png (333.88 KB, 640x370, No-Hands-Vodka-Slam.png) ImgOps Google



toot why are stochastic processes so complicated


if you are upper class drinking is part of power elite social politics, being able to keep your head straight when doing a bunch of drugs/alcohol is a status symbol, alpha male shit


nobody here is part of the upper class


beer boy is


gleepy is that you
only you would bring up some dumb shit like this


we are an aristocrat comm, a part of the moneyed elite


nah im on the opposite end of society in total scum


File: 1541446750383.gif (407.38 KB, 680x492, 1536968974793.gif) ImgOps Google


gleep dog


large scale generational upwards mobility is pretty much over in the developed world. most people have hit the achievement ceiling of their genetic ability that modern technology and resource exploitation allowed, until we reach the next plateau lineages are for the most part gonna stay where they are




not even me though



toot why are the chink insects so good at maths


was getti g ready to be outraged at this and unsubscribe when i saw the title, but shes just saying go vote not who to vote at all
sasuga (as expected of) my gf :3


math is the easiest to cheat at


saying "go vote" is a liberal tactic that ugly whore should be hung


shut your foul mexican mouth reeki



i was watchin a reeky breeky stream and he sounds like a white male
im guessing he's about 6'3, 245lbs, slays pussy on a daily basis


there are way more aware bros here than just the 2 namers


slay the pus


big gleep dawg
chad tin goldstein

the dream team


this hoe is bluepilled as hell
checking an x on a piece of paper and thinking it allows you to control your government is basically the same as believing in magic

you didnt select the candidates, write the platform or outline any policy you just checked a box


theres another powers & principalities bro here too


big guy, thats my gf your talking about….


*starts a petition*
*canvases the neighborhood*
this is how you affect REAL change!




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