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tokyo 2018
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*boots up cod*


jack or karl




its on lightning network
like do you even bitcoin?


you arent supposed to spend your coins ever


rape is cool


toot why doesnt our home allow epub uploads i wanted to share an important book with our community???!?


+1 and a dab lightning network is just there to appease the plebs


22-0 ugh


stop asking my big titty gook gf for nudes


we're still waiting for arabic language support


there's no way this fat white guy wins


we could share all sorts of books…
hey man you got dune 2 post it thats cool thanks


im just kiddin toot i dont actually want that
just bored and i tried to upload saifedean ammous "the bitcoin standard" but it didnt work lol


toot doesn't believe in free speech


just download books from irc like a normal human
and who the hell would want to read dune 2


hey she's mine, I found her


i've made tributes and messaged her them kid
she's officially mine


already read dune 2
the first and god emperor are the only good ones imho


File: 1541299786328.jpeg (36.9 KB, 600x400, bob_pisani.jpeg) ImgOps Google


that's the common consensus
i think 3 could've been good if the freemen that leto was with were explored further


ok i gotta go you guys are gonna ruin dune for me i shouldnt have mentioned dune 2 ive made a mistake


im promise not to spoil anything


based bren


i promise too and if i do i'll *spoiler*


got enough beer and vod for tonight but.. could go on the beer run and pick something up for $1.50 in quarters..


sort your life out mate



go for the run, its healthy exercise


lovin this big boobied gooker


big boob gook is my new go to for jackin'


i did something




holy moly…


sigh tech is gonna lose cause their qb got injured by an errant throw while warming up before the start of the second half





*comes to collect*


she's my favorite gook for sure




why do the dark blacks crawl into the ring and pretend to pee on the pole


File: 1541301652993.webm (3.9 MB, 540x960, GC8K.webm) ImgOps Google



File: 1541301681859.jpg (39.24 KB, 522x756, 1541301182896.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ufc is great an all but i think they should give the fighters a bunch of cocaine just before the fight





2/2 of guys that pretend to pee like a dog on the pole actually win



dont even watch her stream but i had a dream about her the other night

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