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your posts? dogshit


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my posts? 'ster sips



i wonder what life milestones im supposed to be hitting rn. i don't know anyone my age so its hard to figure out but they prob shouldn't be things like 'getting a haircut' or 'go to a bar'




start a family


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you know what im thinking? about booting up that tekken


File: 1538944830397.jpg (77.83 KB, 640x480, wheres the pip.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


the pipdock


that dick dock video traumatized me


the bear week pic is the topside of the dock


what the heck are you talking about


*steps in cummy sand*


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thats epic!


dont watch that video its disturbing as fuck


this is horrible


khabib is such a boring fighter to watch.. hes like gsp if gsp had no stand up game at all


putin was responsible for last night


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>I visited the "Dick Dock" in Provincetown to talk about gay sex magic with tantric sex coach Brad-Leaf Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com


i skinny dipped in that pool years before i saw that picture


Drunk rn drinking mommies wine

She just got off work looking for it it was her last bottle

She slammed the cupboards

Now she’s yelling about me on the phone to I think my aunt

Feel like crying rn but I can’t


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its sunday why is she working on sunday


Pretty sure I’m about to get kicked out


She’s regional manager of mc Donald’s


people dont work on sunday?


no usually they dont


what about the grocery store those are open on sunday


i'm pickle rick.


only dregs doing dreg jobs work on sunday, normal people dont


what the fuck do you think a weekend is


if everyone has the same days off then how would anyone do anything without taking time off work in the middle of the week


Yep definitely getting kicked out

Probably my last post

Time to end it all


lol are you for real?


wage labor is so stupid you should just get paid for the product of your work not how long it takes you


*forms a socialist cooperative*


press f to pay respects



*takes up the toss mantle*


my mom just asked me if id be interested in a service dog for my anxiety.. if only she knew


labor vouchers


do you fuck the dog is that what they're for


wonder how long would it take to selectively breed dogs to look like humans


if only she knew the anxiety was caused by the drinking


you are FUCKED in the head your brain is FUCKED



it's called chik fil a

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