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im a victim
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woke up at 7pm.. fell asleep again and woke up at 9pm again.. might get drunk tonight..


check out the banner




that bottom banner was the worst idea anyone on 162 has ever had lmao


see me there…



banner didn't update and not refreshing…


gonna sleep soon so if you wanna play…




listen bro


ripped qxc's name




imagine beergirl getting drunk and frisky…………….


i bet ya rio hates beergirl


think im gonna pirate crash nsane


ate 3 burgers with no buns

keto? p great


irrigated my ears and now i got a sweet potato in the microwave..


how do you irrigate your ears….


a perfect monday night


we're off carbs… what are you doing…


hes on the tater diet


tater diet more like the FAT ASS diet


me? bacon and eggs tomorrow morning

with a side of raspberries grown in my garden


with a bulb syringe


you are supposed to skip brekky


yeah skip brekky and go to mcdonalds and get a bigmac combo cause im so hungry at 3pm i can't function
good plan lol


i eat way more than before and ive lost ten pounds doing nothing but skipping breakfast





i already never eat breakfast maybe thats my problem


really want to get drunk tonight but i guess have to go see my grandparents tomorrow


are you freakin spying on me!


shes a nut eater alright




this is effective
eating a small yogurt has about the same effect


id like to splat on her face


but i thought skipping breakfast was bad
it doesnt start your metabolism


calories in calories out


cant explain that


i dont think ur supposed to skip breakfast every day


tell that to my lean muscley bod




well i guess theres probably lots of good ways to eat well
eat a good low carb breakfast
skip breakfast
prolly both work if u do em right



i don't want to be the first to post in it



fucker looks like narci



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