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ill be the first to admit that but its not him


i don't know who to trust anymore


only 1…




yeah i got a few yous
so what?


we like getting yous…


my reputation has been tarnished


for me its just another day




what is the pad falseflaggers end game


gonna stare at this until i fall asleep


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how did sony and nintendo get away with charging people to play online


pad gaslighting as a false flagging pad to covertly collect analysis and responses for further gaslighting and black mail


social media drones


i saw an anime picture of a double cocoon and it didnt look very comfy


oldpad is just mad everyone likes newpad better


djbluntslamma get in here and pill me on these new people


i'm actually getting more and more mad they made the game screen the same size as the player one and have huge top and bottom banners taking up more space


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based hue


i think this one >>352006 is a compliment


SpikeVegeta, feasel, Protomagicalgirl, darkman78, JHobz
hosts for the opening of sgdq
i only recognize that reddit fan favorite and their main tranny


i've killed an endangered species


was it a cool one


we gotta keep normalizing pedophelia, look what can happen


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pad in the middle
toxic gaslighters on either side


no its a really gay one


i wish pad had engaged me more earlier when i tried to talk to him about boston


no big deal then
as long as it wasnt like a bald spotted owl or a megalodon i dont think anyone will care


as a kid i was always afraid of that first water level in sm64 but wet dry world on the 2nd floor was my favorite


old padder was a really grumpy sad person that loved to tell sad stories to bring everyone down
new padder is way better


and it was protected or something less intense than endangered. i exaggerated my story to seem cooler


is newshelly sexy?


bad news gamg
the government decided im not tard enough to be given your tax dollars


stop posting about me please keep it to yourself


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pad 2.0 is better in every way
just like brapper 2.0


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>last 50


File: 1529522490773.jpeg (117.59 KB, 645x729, 15135566779870.jpeg) ImgOps Google


this hurts





djbluntslamma here
everyone is gay and im on to this pad falseflagger


my feet dont feel so good :s



whew luckily i was taking my 8pm nap so i wasnt involved in any way



deepest lore


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