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new thread
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calm down dip shits




*tunes in*


pudding head padder


the 162 gateway


padder went to bed.. sorry



pudding head padder


im brapper………


lol remember that



weird how small youtube channels are shutdown for calling niggers exactly what they are
but this indonesian sex tourism channel can post videos like the one i just of a 17 year old offering a guy a handjob and get tens of thousands of views and still be fine, no bans!


noone understands your cryptic /pol/runes reeki


reeki brother


pudding head reeki


today the slop is mcdonalds
only a few more hours


i agree with reeki
niggers, are, the problem


grow up


File: 1526147385043.jpg (93.64 KB, 682x1024, Dcr-QciV4AAbVRt[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


8 am: omg im so sick im never drinking again
11 am: okay only 6 more hours until 5 o clock then its drinking time
:)) <- double chin beer belly smile


oh this video got reuploaded


usually id feel sick until around 11pm.. then i hop on the bike and go for a ride to the beer shack..


kpop of the month
until aoa makes the comeback that is






do you crack one open on the way back or do you wait till you get home


how do we get beerboy to discontinue his unhealthy lifestyle


big boobies


really all you have to do is look at a country and how well it is doing

all non-white countries are rife with corruption simply because vast majority of them are short sighted subhumans
it really is that simple and its genetic


all the korean i know is from sc and ow… this must be how fins feel learning english…


another 1000 tokens in my wallet
ready to tip



dont torture. she use lentils


tinny really is back


what was meant


someone get a hold of him and get him in here i promise i wont pop a bitcoin up his ass


tin get the fuck in here


get his crippled diabetes ridden ass over here



it disappeared… join this one… http://skribbl.io/?n1aYD52cwLM4hjQbftnL


yo tin what do you think about the aoa comeback


i was in a tranny chaturbate last night and someone named "tinfoil6969" kept tipping 1 token over and over again




File: 1526148283196.jpg (157.96 KB, 610x1053, 1526128239_1352036.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Red Velvet Joy 'exploding with sexiness in the rain~'

1. [+398, -31] Yes, stick to doing singer activities like this instead of acting
2. [+372, -67] Her weight goes back and forth way too much
3. [+360, -120] She gained weight again
4. [+35, -10] She looks pretty big-boned here

these fucking gooks have a death wish


when i went to the gym a lot i used to.. would stop by the convenience store on the way back and id grab two four lokos.. id crack open and drink it out of the bag on the way home and it would hit me while i was in the shower.. the good old days..



sigh cant believe obama took away clove cigarettes and 4lokos from us


the netizens are so toxic ugh



we still got 31 posts to go here


Kurang hot

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