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toot here please send me more money
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thats really irresponsible of you someone here might actually try holding in their poops and dying


yo im gay


*sippers on ur cummers*
yum yum:3 *slurrrrrrrrp*


feels like a jav night


that made me rawr xD


*does a lil jiggy*





really REALLY like here comes the indian



epic, just epic :)


gook nighto



hes handing the servers over to the fbi
this is it


*chugs hand sanitizer*



how can beerboy compete with lips like that


ah… yes..


when you see that its gonna rain tomorrow and its your day off


i really felt that post
i really felt it




and only a child…


every child is mushed


yes… ah…


fucking dystopian
human race ends soon get your rapes in




soy my mush up


got to play as thanos.. didnt even kill anyone though..


under the scv bridge…


500 wood…


not drinking tonight….


what is this >>306875 mush shit talking about


joe rogan talking about starcraft


fortsnort event



who are we rooting for in houston vs golden state


beerboy plays on tech from before you were born kiddo


die die die


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File: 1525851014822.jpg (220.6 KB, 1710x818, balls.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i'm not sure which ball i should get for my stick…


unironically the best vid theyve ever done


here we go narci…


we're watching Drakengard 3 Walkthrough + Golden Chests [Japanese Voices + DLC BGM] - Chapter 0 Verse 1


im here, locked in
zogged out


i'm all mushed up


drakengard 3 was garbage. just read a wiki summary about intoners and the accord
maybe look at the final boss to "get" the tower thing in automata


no it's cool i like it


from what i've seen it runs better on rpcs3 than it ever did on ps3
if you have a decent cpu you can play it yourself


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