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tinny spotted at /k/ edition
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gook night


what mastodon accounts should i follow


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omo gonna jo to that


*does a lil jiggy*


i was just going to post this


anyone want to play some a fortnite..


thanks to that one guy who recommended whores glory a few months ago, finally got around to watching it and it was fuckin real
love 2 see some real shit in the world


we gon be alright


hey you black niggers


its been a few weeks since i spoke with anyone with the exception of a quick "thank you" to food delivery people…


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm
remember i played this at a family birthday once with my cousins
laughed then
now…anime god…


played against a cheater named fur princess on cs
fucking faggot


how many gun skins you got


wtf narci doing runs now
might follow again if this lasts…


i use default a4.. have an ak and knife though


finally cooling down and now the sun is coming up;;


brap brap brap
brap to the top


hangover finally went away a few hours ago..


shaved my face


my routers block on here is coming up in 15 minutes :3… last chance to say goodbye to me :3c


bye lol


why lol Jonathan?


File: 1525431039724.jpg (59.95 KB, 532x800, 207f4eb2032f5ee7a39cd273dd….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


is that how you say goodbye, anime?


evil hand gestures.. very nice


trying to put a hex on me




i owned your ass at halo son


meet me on xbox live


its the same thing i dont need to


its not even a little like the same thing
thats probably why nobody cares anymore and the servers down


i was a legit 41 lone wolves veteran and i can tell you its the same thing


i had the full moon symbol in halo 2 which was maybe level 45 and my routers about to shit


now we can talk shit about pad and theres nothing he can do about it



dr. brapenstein


kyle dawson



It's raining sleet
Fucking sleet in may


nigga it sleets sleet


weekend coming… always dread it :/






the starshits in the buildin




gook you gook it?


pinky ring lookin like i took it off of saturn..


someone put the gays on a leash


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