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what the fuck did you just said?
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youre evil




According to reports, The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018: Urlacher Lewis Moss Dawkins TO Jerry Kramer Bobby Beathard Robert Brazille


im serious you need christ

tomorrow is sunday

it would be good if you go to church


*tongue kisses my son*


*tosses another game winning pass*


omo finally saw her boobies this ep


big sigh
back in 2013 i bought a comic for like 10$ and loaned it to a friend to read which he subsequently lost and now i see its selling for 100$ on amazon


tinny says hes a christian but he doesn't even go to church


tinny is an agent of satan


any hot gooks want to j me o?
you gotta wash your hands first and wear gloves though and use spermicide



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whoop whoop

music party tonight :)



Dice rollRolled 5, 1, 5 = 11

les do dis


shoop da woop


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okay first of all he takes pics of the screen not screenshots and second of all he'd never show his real name

fuck off tossnigger


and last but not least he never re-sizes them resulting in at least 4MB file size


hes off the xannys so nothing makes sense


additionally his comment with the post would be something mushed up and spiteful and hed end it with something like *trashes sheets*


drives me nuts with that 4MB bullshit




so padders name is officially kyle eh
kyle boy get in here


File: 1517704526393.jpg (97.67 KB, 439x331, fuck you said.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


just remembered /vip/ and /bant/ exist


i got a lot of sports on right now
flippin between the wings and pistons
gettin ready for some sparty bball too in a half hour



which nba hoops teams do the florida boys like
heat or magic


not me retard


miami heat up my ass reeki


the magic of course.. rich storied history vs miami beaners and lechoke


the magic have way cooler jerseys


who was your favorite magic player i honestly dont know anyone on their team since turkeyglue and coward left


i should eat something


turkeyglue lol


read this as "the magic of the cool jews of jersey"


jersey jews


*slips into my penny hardaway jersey* time to ball


*slips on my tom brady jersey*
hehehe you know what time it is >:)



*thrashes sheets off padtran xannys*


dont you get all uppity and shit
*pushes you down*


pad whats ur fav basket ball team


brooklyn nets


this buick commercial really drives me nuts
what does this old whore grandma scoopin up an italian boyfriend on her trip have to do with a buick suv


my dad gets mad at commercials all the time


does your dad hate the apple tranny child too



i dont know

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