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gonna hide here for a while
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for the past week ive been smoking 1-3 cigs per day but now im trying to stop that too


how do you smoke a whole pack a day


willpower is for winners tho


what do u mean what kinda snus did you get?
snus is my favorite thats how i quit cigs 3+ years ago still cig free


13 reasons why episode 2 or house md episode 1..


lofi average looking gook - beats to chill/study/relax


chill study weed


2. study
3. weed


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just keep lighting em up


the white kind (epok) its the only good one, even tried that siberia stuff for a bit but the white is just better



when padshits blood hits my tongue…
theres just this crackle of energy…
*sighs in ecstasy*
its like i come to life….


one of my guys smokes 3 packs a day


3 packs a day is like 1980s japanese exec numbers


a pack a day is like one cig every half hour…


wish i grew up in 70s-80s japan


i must vampirically feed off the padshit….


3 packs a day
lighting up a cig every 10 minutes?


basically chainsmoking the entire day


didnt realize she was a gamer too






*beats 1-3*



openclose all of those


finna get slurred




finna cut


gonno cut my ingrown toenail out tonight


good luck


made some popcorn


he got a tiny penor


can't fathom how many things went wrong in their lives for something like that to happen


that's what they say about scvs



nothing went wrong for me
i just dont do anything


sounds like something went wrong


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i fucking hate the internet these days


*blocks it on noscript*


*blocks all the youtube posts with umatrix*
;)) ← craft beer double chin smirk


cool shit nerds



*blocks the post bullying us fellow nerd bros with umatrix*


*blocks every post except my own* this thread is sick


''roko’s basilisk'







we do miss smoke weedmixes…
*tears up*


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