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gēt over it
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oh fuck time to sell


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holy fuck bitcoin is going to change human species as a hole this is a new paradigm
oh my fucking god its so huge huge huge huge


imagine doing some heroin!


i wish i could think clearly



thanks but i think ill stick with child porn


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jos totta


hate brain fog


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you want a job interview kid? that'll be 400$


rofl !


5000 and on are terrible posts


i was fond of 5001


01 was the worst


yeah 5k1 was the worst one


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a legal team would loooooove that case. A company can't decide to charge a person for something initially advertised as free.. and there is no "law" to date that says you can't apply for any job and lie about your qualifications. Law & ethics are 2 separate things

you should actually send them a reply that invites aggression….so that when you ultimately sue them for harassment you have something to show the judge


die phoner



i wonder what jordan peterson's analysis of the fat girl in this video is thinking…


they would never go to court over that
as soon as you tell them to fuck off they drop it


day after drinking anxiety is creeping up.. at least its early..


making love with sickzii


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im so bad at dark souls 2 now;;
its sad
last time i played i did a no fire thing and didn't die up until right before the elevator down to the crypts when i fell over the edge
the water…


File: 1510689903005.png (498.68 KB, 1080x1920, vKKS6RS.png) ImgOps Google

so which do we put our money on winning
the $600 zelda game or the $600 mario game


gonna pretend to be new at sc2…


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ok consider me interested
*fails to keep the eye contact and just stares at boobies*


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jamie pull that shit up
*moves closer to the mic*
Ash is near death and as DMT rushes to his head he hallucinates that Pikachu is talking.


well listen, nigger, it doesnt WORK
it feels completely out of place
now show me that video about a moose getting hit by a car again


tin pull that video up


is there really some sort of problem with this site? im seeing on my memory usage go up by a gb


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a masterpiece


File: 1510691580876.jpg (140.19 KB, 1920x1080, cucked.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


that looks like psycho pass
i really really hated that cartoon
cant believe i wasted my time watching that retarded shit


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we didnt hit the bump limit

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