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so does /scv/ want to go to the winterball with /qa/?
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poo noos


remember when obama fist bumped


love that meme where people pretend that 'loss' is still really funny


pray for the souls of the linux atheists


we should make indie films and become millionaires


nice /tv/ browser


do they talk about indie movies?


are you gonna act like you didnt see this thread and get the idea for that post from it


theres no buzz


my idea for our indie flick is a black and white short about a depressed hitman


tinny a hitman…


okay but the hook is the world is as indifferent/(milquetoast) to his killings as he is

AND he has a wisp(lisp)


no i dont like it im out do it yourself bitch you overstepped dont stifle my creativity


clerks or the blair witch project are the best examples of commercially successful movies from basically nothing
the hostel series too i guess they didnt do amazingly well but they made the guy who created them a millionaire


define millionaire


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a movie about a sex tourist in korea
starring the goose


AND purgatory is a small diner next to a carjunk lot where his victims corpses end up as cynical reanimated zombies that resent more the endless monotony of being dead than having been killed, acknowledging that the instant of life is insignificantly short compared to where thy are going


goose? our guy


owns his own house in LA


holy crackers…!


a pov film of tinnys daily life


didnt even see the thread. its just a symptom of the algorithm


lol pathetic


this… aint… over…


god bless the pewds




it's shit


stinky :3


le monkey doing heart sign language shape


knew what banner it was gonna be before i refreshed


pew pew pew


best banners are pewds and nigger frog
need a terry banner tho


the plot of the movie wou ld be his step mother died and he has to earn enough cash to take a greyhound bus to california where the funeral is

no one cares enough about life to pay people a lot of money to kill people

like that


that sounds great
but where do the gooks come in






*cracks open a full 24oz of steel reserve*
this party… is bout to get crunk….


and the guys balls smell horrible



"i need you to kill my brother"
"your brother?"
"thirty dollars alright"
"whatd he do?"
" i thought this was no questions asked"
*shoves the circled classified ad into his chest*


yeah this was a mistake. getting weirdly drunk, its like ive been dug into a warm narrow pit. and super fast

oh man


'dug into a warm narrow pit'
kinda poetic aint it


no not really


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we could use a new thread



we're watching the jazz/rockets game


beerboy is absolutely heroic drinking all those nattydaddys. dunno how he does it



yeah we should make indie films and become millionaires

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