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*curses this site*






heck yes



new threads always make me nervous now


what is he doing to the dpad


took a shit and a shower


omo clean boy


my mom got me some ribs…


wow what a lady…


im a big boy like george mikan


File: 1526681063131.jpg (194.06 KB, 1920x1080, oooooo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

anime background characters….


it was a biblical reference. by finding him an arranged marriage partner he is no longer an unspoilt boy but a man in union with a woman that makes him whole


File: 1526681097962.jpg (35.46 KB, 457x530, 1504827692975.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


women need to be punished for what they're doing


File: 1526681243941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.27 KB, 806x562, 1502700876102.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>women need to be punished for what they're doing


File: 1526681338233.jpg (361.53 KB, 1585x896, foto_no_exif.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

my japanese girlfriend i met on interpals


shes fine bro treat her right bro happy for you dawg


File: 1526681410852.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, sb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



gonna make like danny brown and become a breakout rap artist when im 30


we'll see




stopped watching primitive technology cuz its dumb and i could do all that shit i just dont need to


in fact, the only thing in all of creation that was made in god's image was man, also described as a perfect being. why? because adam WAS mankind, the singular man to god's singular godhood. perfection isnt an aspect of a persons deeds but innately an aspect of existence. god cant sin because you can only sin against an equal and god was peerless, likewise adam was alone in eden and had dominion over the whole earth. he became imperfect not when he ate from the tree of knowledge and was exiled from eden but the very moment eve was made, and god metaphorically removed one of his ribs to illustrate this.

gods real mistake was empathy, or emotional weakness. he made adam because he needed a being that would understand the suffering his own isolation but jealously guarded his own status as supreme being, but then was too weak to deal with the consequences.

but really the genesis creation myth is an allegory for the origin of monotheistic relgion



what gaming streams are we watching bros



fuck off tossshit stop forcing yourself


sorry but overwatch is boring enough to play let alone watch

fps games just dont interest me anymore


File: 1526681948132.jpg (174.5 KB, 939x891, 1526599750917.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

we do this


wow ok last time i gift you a (You) arrogant cunt



that dudes got some arms though damn


File: 1526682029237.png (50.55 KB, 438x131, Screenshot from 2018-05-18….png) ImgOps Google

you know i just have you filtered, sour puss?


File: 1526682075605.jpg (135.91 KB, 708x609, tardlaugh.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i just dont like fps games man they just arent interesting to watch

ive watched them too much ive moved on to other stuff

id rather watch smaller streamers now streaming games ive never heard of

mainly old school action, adventure, point-n-click

games that offer new experiences that you can wrap up in a day

multiplayer/social games arent interesting because theyre so shallow



here is a list of things i like:



darksydephil is streaming some new fps zombie survival game

looks epic as hell


File: 1526682195707.png (223.9 KB, 698x543, 1526680854508.png) ImgOps Google


fuck off toss shit stop forcing yourself



File: 1526682262965.jpg (661.41 KB, 1538x2048, clowing around.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


negative attitude

cynical nihilistic B****


File: 1526682402945.webm (3.76 MB, 406x540, 1526675701580.webm) ImgOps Google



do people actually like this?

just asking because i cannot see myself liking this

its something i dont understand

im just sitting her playing poker and i look at this and im like okay its a cartoon grandma with gray hair and the body of a midget twirling an imaginary baton


low iq toss


way of the road, boys


might get some 'wingsover ' tonight
boneless… jet fuel…


survivio SUCKS


File: 1526682769725.png (538.17 KB, 700x708, 1523935234666.png) ImgOps Google


someone report this future mass shooter to the feds


*eats the scab i just picked off my knee*


theres 3 bags of publix wings in the fridge..

what is my mom doing…


shes trying to keep you big and healthy


remember that heroic police dog video from yesterday? bonus alternative view >:3


that's why i rub poison on my skin before driving without my front license plate


File: 1526683110727.jpg (3.95 MB, 5312x3984, foto_no_exif(9).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




toss shit is pathetic on so many levels


is that ovaltine


soylent powder mix

its more affordable than the bottles

its the nectar (not strawberry) before the ran of it/discontinued


adds nothing to the post


i feel like it can indicate emphasis or incredulity


not reading a post that starts with 'i feel like'


File: 1526683315938.jpg (224.17 KB, 1080x1350, 1525533636368.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

little gook
big breakfast



damn look at those chompers…


File: 1526683371023.png (5.17 KB, 255x191, foto_no_exif(17).png) ImgOps Google


i feel like someone is trying to bully me out of this comm


File: 1526683395424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.36 KB, 960x548, IMG_2299.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

people don't think i'm stupid and annoying right? when i take pictures..


those statues with the veils are so epic
i wonder how those sculptors do that…


current coin status =



snap that fuckers neck




eggs take about 4 minutes to become cold and disgusting


eggs are one of my favorite foo ods


dont remind me it still makes me physically ill to this day….

i dont drink wine anymore thats what caused it last time im sure

i was so sure the cat told me it was going to kill me

my adrenaline kicked in and it was a kill or be killed situation so i snapped its neck

after i finished the two wine boxes and woke up i realized what i had done



not soy




i didnt say soy i said eggs bro
u said soy


oh yeah… your fault


no man i said eggs


i like eggs too


*carefully looks at your keyboard*
those letters…


you guys are making me hungry!




a whole mess of eggs..some ham…toast…hashed browns…


ugh weekend crew is in full force im out


File: 1526683740044.jpg (2.34 MB, 4032x3024, 3A974EB3-9D52-47A5-9E8B-C5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


later brother *gives you knucks*


the fuck is knucks


oh shucks!


sickzii cuddle me to sleep… ahh so nice and warmzii~


wq on a pretty strong run


i didnt actually leave moron like id let you bully me outta here just like that!


carrion water bugs


what do you mean?



lol owned


me small pipnis


how do you know i have a azerty keyboard?


gonna check on an old post



File: 1526683966706.jpg (183.25 KB, 793x1180, 1526683482683.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google






File: 1526683997209.png (104.37 KB, 866x743, 1427779469807.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1526684017698.webm (1.32 MB, 270x360, LGE_5_18_2018_7.webm) ImgOps Google

oooooh paaaadshiiiiit…..

come out and….



wow toss made that thread we rejected and cried about it


File: 1526684059587.jpg (62.93 KB, 768x768, fTnBVyx.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


me between theh cracks



this looks sick


mario biathlon when


what are you talking about

stop gaslighting


*puts on my aggro shirt*


adds nothing


more like faggro rofl


File: 1526684192365.png (241.73 KB, 851x710, 1514589364989.png) ImgOps Google


leave your negative attitudes out of my comm


i gotta go take a shit


File: 1526684238051.png (33.97 KB, 851x710, ab8[1].png) ImgOps Google


File: 1526684259000.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, sb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



dude whats your problem


what are you…





mike playing through d2 for the first time ever




File: 1526684384489.png (14.63 KB, 644x800, d90.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1526684394478.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, sb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526684447837.jpg (36.85 KB, 800x400, BbutWdFIEAEhFc1.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


PLAYAN yakuza
WATCHAN hockey in ab it…
LISTENAN daft punk discovery
READAN jbp's 12 rules
EATAN about to get some slop
DRINKAN got some vod in the freezer ready to pour


lil b follows this random guy too


File: 1526684469472.jpg (55.97 KB, 535x700, Bbu-ORKCcAAiyVw.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526684506790.png (474.42 KB, 1024x512, Bbu5sp3IQAAGTJn.png large.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1526684558681.jpg (32.29 KB, 385x383, 2AD268E400000578-3174018-i….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526684560989.jpg (51.91 KB, 514x512, Bbu-Um-IQAAcoJh.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


just got 6


this LOW




this image spammer….


hmm what to do…..


File: 1526684751537.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, sb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526684801627.jpg (143.13 KB, 973x835, IMG_2496.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526684816670.jpg (408.72 KB, 680x680, 1523543572915.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*hides in pads animal crossing town*



pad of light


its like anime but real life ;-;


why can't slant-eyes act for shit






i wanna go see deadpool 2


hes got some sick news


File: 1526685362716.jpg (555.42 KB, 750x549, Madotsuki.full.837996.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526685388115.mp4 (7.47 MB, he pack 2 gons.mp4)


me on the left


hope the delivery man didnt poison my za
its always possible


this bastard is culturally appropriating


grab a kazoo, lets have a duel


he aint black


*grabs the 'zoo*
*toots out a beat*


who is he appropriaiting?
ocelot is russian
kojima is nip
revolvers were first made in germany





impressive… but lets end this quickly


this place fuckin sucks


where u at


quick someone blog about their interesting hobby


i dont have any hobbies


any good memes about the santa fe guy


math exams in a few days will fail them


our guy wq didnt get a pb :(


well you see


we dont joke about school shootings here
you might be looking for 4chan.com/pol


File: 1526686072277.gif (Spoiler Image, 18.18 KB, 615x548, 1526680055200.gif) ImgOps Google


we dont joke about cool shootings


what the hell is 4chan.com


youre a fan too eh;)


knowyourmeme me on wbs pb


red pill me on memes


File: 1526686247109.png (18.06 KB, 402x93, 23563262362BRAAAAP.png) ImgOps Google


is toot here




File: 1526686300039.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, sb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


are we gonna have some epic memorial day weekend themes

have a nice day man
from me


memorialize my dick you nigger


File: 1526686476385.jpg (51.91 KB, 514x512, Bbu-Um-IQAAcoJh.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


alright tin we get it man~


gonna be VERY sad when the cynical brit dies…



to: the guy who doesn't like people using italics
fuck you retard, you show how mentally impaired your little baby brain is when you make claims like "they bring nothing to the post"


getting cancer and dying is how a cynical video gamer deserves to die tqbh


hes done good things for the gaming industry and consistently stood up for consumer (you and mes) rights



this is why you dont want to sit on your butt too long you get butt cancer




just got 3 yous


File: 1526686816297.jpg (20.82 KB, 300x150, banner clown.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

toot add this


grow up




fine he doesn't deserve to die that way but it's like shakespearean and really deep.


i dont like tb




can you prove that im driving






adds nothing




stupid owner




the global export market for blood is bigger than the market for airplanes


*sits down*


whose blood


most of it is the plasma in blood thats exported to make drugs and stuff
exports of blood plasma make up 1.6% of americas total exports


when you donate blood it gets put into the blood market place and hospitals buy and sell it all over the place


the clinton foundation did it in haiti. all those doctors without borders, red cross type groups are used for human trafficking, prostitution, organ harvesting of 3rd world garbagepeople


yes… when i donate blood…


better them than us




god bless the clintons and god bless america


isnt their daughter kind of stupid


so that's how those blood vans can afford to give people two free movie tickets…


*sips 'drenochrome*
she's a tard


hmm the economist magazine says were gonna go to war with iran


why whats the point. war isnt even big and cool anymore


reminds me of the typical degenerate retard niggers that do drugs

they should be tarred to look like niggers then lynched


of course we are
theyre threatening israel


the bradley fighting vehicle will serve a key role in the upcoming conflict. we need more


i hate israel so much!!!!!!


*puts that in your file*


could really use some chamomile right now



File: 1526688178337.png (6.07 KB, 141x89, Screenshot from 2018-05-18….png) ImgOps Google

what kind of racist bullshit is "asian fit" ?????????????


ahh toots infamous dosiers… wonder what scandalous deets he has on me…


got some slop


never had culvers is it good


really small
tiny arm holes


any of you guys ever had zaxbys before?


they have a butter burg but you probly wouldnt get it


i curl 125lbs i need big arm holes


yeah its pretty good


i get the kickin chicken sandwich all the time


File: 1526688727914.jpg (64.11 KB, 452x582, 1526684801522.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




*slides you a pill*


File: 1526688939116.jpg (114.12 KB, 1080x1149, 30077456_1643290669112418_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





ac milan? i spit
juventus real shit


File: 1526689461837.jpg (168.33 KB, 962x805, 2AD268E400000578-3174018-i….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




anyone want to play some fortnite..




girls who like soccer are so dirty and whorish


thats called third world


im real pumped up for the world cup
rootin for the Reprezentacja Polski w piłce nożnej


yanny or laurel???


reading about masayoshi son
he started a software distributing company in the 80s which blew up in 90s then crashed losing 99% of its value in the dotcom bust but before that happened he had made a 20 million dollar investment in alibaba which today is worth 140 billion


i can't solve my speedcube


im back haha


lol……. based




unironically love the mgr soundtrack


yanny. even pitched down still yanny


the first time i heard it i could hear yanny but now i hear laurel unless i mess with the slider thingy


pitching down you're supposed to hear yanny pitch up laurel


what does that mean


File: 1526690271169.jpg (34.3 KB, 409x409, 286.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


whats funny is now it is impossible to find the original vid


why is he comfy?


hes comf



thats a pricey sweater


whats better:
fortnite or overwatch?


they arent even good enough to be called boring

they are snoring


fucking my shins up if more fun than either




i was 90% sure i wouldn't jerk off tonight then i saw this…


2ch.hk links?
i scroll


but thats just an image of a cartoon


federal reserve is neither federal nor does it have reserves


uhhh *nollie bluntslides tf outta here*


i thought they had a ton of gold



dark skinned anime babes… shed be better with green hair imo…


*front blunts a set*


what unsettles me most is that he is completely unaware of his situation


File: 1526691038723.jpg (12.03 KB, 320x180, william t. still.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


congress demanded to be shown inside fort know sometime in the 60's or 70's and they only let them in the doorway and showed them a cart with few bars. no one knows whats in there


my cousin had this… he had to get it detached and reattached…


he looks like a sweaty nathan fielder


how did he get it


he looks like sheldon


too much hockey…


still less mushed than me and hes catatonic schizo


lie down on the couch


federal reserve doesnt hold any physical gold at this point they have said it numerous times

there's nothing in that fort


3d printed dildos from china lmao


*slides you a bearer bond for 1,000,000,000,000 dollars of gold*


*collects my bearer bond*


thats illegal
*arrests you*


the copper market is where the action is


ok im buying a 3d printer if i can make my own dildos


File: 1526691557191.jpg (116.62 KB, 569x422, 1508003384194.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

21 trillion dollars in debt? this is not an issue because we can always print more dollars to pay off that debt


based neokeyensian big brained tinny


you could but they wouldnt be comfy


itd be way easier to write a check


just print more


what a god


removing zeros is another option


its spelled cheque




this reinforces my florida is the most fucked state theory


its pronounced keen wah


but florida has :


dice clay really hit rock bottom


also has fp :3


who gives a fuck about that annoying little runt


ummmm hes cute and my friend…


wheres reeki from
puerto rico lmao


leave me alone im talkin to the boys


i want to call a cop a knucklehead someday


“He gave himself up, and admitted at the time that he didn't have the courage to commit suicide,” Abbot said.
why do they always try to make out like mass murderers are like these "cowards"
terrorists literally die for what they believe in which is the opposite of a coward, and school shooters actually TAKE ACTION as opposed to stewing like a faggot about how they hate everyone


i AM the boys dipstick


File: 1526692215513.jpg (136.82 KB, 473x387, hemingway suicide.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


is tooner here


the other boys
the non-faggot ones


got a big butt + big gut


look where youre standing
in a pentagram knucklehead


what about gamer boobs?
are your arms slim?


the ham man returns


File: 1526692919486.jpg (1.58 MB, 1315x2114, 1526692839712.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


he owns the house he owns the bk. fuck the police


wish i could create a supergroup to fight evil police.
ham man, fedsmoker, freddy, testsubjectguy.. umm others


they say possession is 90% of the law but if you ask me..
its a little more…




police arent evil, nigger


*sicks police hounds on you*


police arent evil you lib faggot


they're all pedos


File: 1526693571751.mp4 (2.66 MB, Let me breathe muthafucka ….mp4)

you forgot him


hes too wild to be on the team he works alone



how is this nigger even still alive


refresh for best banner


always playin a game..


hes black so hes nearly untouchable.. nearly




you guys make a good point. they arent all evil or pedos… but some are. fedsmoker would provide the targets


is toss poster the only namefag with a banner


first of all im not gay so…


oh i get it toot
you know just how to push my buttons…you know too much


i now understand why padshit is so jealous of tossboy and always trying to gaslight him




i have more banners than you tossturd
AND i didn't even have to bother making them


File: 1526693871440.png (519.21 KB, 750x454, 1526354763722.png) ImgOps Google


i included him but thought his name was freddy :( or are there 2 crazy nigs?


"i-i-i'm not e-e-even m-m-mad"
okay boomer


i dont know why but watched this guys video about the new mini-deagle. was that linked here?


boomer was my name on agar.io…


yeah i linked it babe


ur moms pussy smells sooooooo bad lol


fucking rude idiot!!!!!



File: 1526694207482.mp4 (3.48 MB, Jack dat dick boy child ra….mp4)

he goes by a few names but not fred…


might drink tonight..


the android porn


im drink tonight but only for fun with you boys hehe :P


File: 1526694424229.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.26 KB, 833x925, 1526492078373.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


aria alexander in "sex machina"


oooohhhhh yeah shelly
i seewhatyadoin what that cereal now
ya playin a game roun here shelly
i aintgotno clean bowls ya racist kkk bitch


File: 1526694500171.jpg (106.31 KB, 654x527, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hmmm.. what to say….


tell him youll sub if he sends you a belly pic



call them soyboy cuckfags


what the fuck is drizly


I am the drizzle


its how i was planning on getting bottles of the good stuff without having to bike to the store..


talk about enabling alcoholism lol


beerboy wanted his beer delivered but they wouldn't hide it in his garage from his dad


its not actually the CEO you idiots.. *rolls eyes*


File: 1526694635601.png (367.04 KB, 636x506, bb.png) ImgOps Google

attach this pic


his vitamins keep him healthy



whats the beerboy lore on that album cover though


the scale isnt really accurate because if it was over 16oz it would start counting pounds.. so itd be 1lb 0.2oz


epic Cx


the first 4 metallica are good is my lore


its a poster for the tampa bay lightning


*slaps your belly*
boy you better shut up! big boy!! *slaps*


grow up








if i fill a bag with blood and poison will mosquitoes drink from it




File: 1526695498630.jpg (1.61 MB, 2000x3727, 1526670712037.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

which one do u guys think is hottest
i think 28-30 christy


i think they would a warm bag of blood but not sure about poison blood


trying to find this one jav where two big booby jmilfs rub their boobs on this guys pip


>illegal twerk


31-32 is a tranny???
what the heck???


a double team?


think im gonna go with 31-32 kristin



allie sin


79-81 rosario
i like her


anon2786: gonna go treat myself to a 'ster so i can get sippin'


File: 1526695916307.jpg (229.73 KB, 1456x682, Allie Sin - pure whitefu.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526695972919.jpg (37.7 KB, 330x308, alisaster.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i sure could use a nice 'ster right now…


oh yea i forogt i think my grandma woke me up at noon because someone was ringing my doorbell like 50 times and thats what she does..


monster isnt good for blood pressure


post a picture of your monster can collection


cool story bro


i wish 'ster had sampler packs like craft beer


u mad?


theyre more expensive than craft beers too ugh


*slides you a 25oz can*


usa needs harsher penalties for criminals
more death penalties
especially for drug users and thieves




another school shooting…
wonder what those globies are doing this time







ive beem taking a break from the news for the last few days


*beems in*


nevada is worse than florida


we slam espressos here bitch


decaf only


File: 1526696801739.jpg (208.71 KB, 1920x1080, [pseudo] Rick and Morty S0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ah yeah




File: 1526696836354.png (3.87 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_2520.PNG) ImgOps Google

this movie is freaking me out already they pan down to their pips and everything


nevada is really fucked…


what a bunch of prissy bitches acting like they had never seen a shit bucket before


how so


why are you always consuming fag shit


nevada is free as in freedom


File: 1526697030872.png (24.96 KB, 867x129, Screenshot from 2018-05-18….png) ImgOps Google

the natty daddy


the housing boom that flopped was the biggest there. empty strip malls and housing developments everywhere.
lots of destitute gambling addicts that end up staying. lots of homeless, prostitution


stop projecting


natty daddy
slippy belongs here





nevada has no income tax


neither does texas


the pacific northwest is fucked too. lots of tweakers


what a nervous nelly


the world is fucked look at all the young people doing drugs nowadays!!!!

.t boomer poster


is the padder zone the only good place left in usa?


File: 1526697344982.jpg (121.49 KB, 700x933, 1523126165475.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


padder zone is ground zero for a new kind of poz


reminder not to volunteer information to the police lol


what the fuck is a "hamburguers"


whats the padder zone? parts of michigan are fucked



that must be in brasil


that cop is a bro


if he was black they would have pasted his brains all over that parking lot


padder zone is new england
southeast michigan is fucked, west is ok north is epic


File: 1526697656631.png (208.97 KB, 2048x1105, IMG_2524.PNG) ImgOps Google

he wants to suck on that tooth


pad wtf are you watching


your brain is fucked bro
you consume mush shit too much


File: 1526697955461.png (214.41 KB, 2024x1092, IMG_2521.PNG) ImgOps Google

"salo, or 120 days of pedovores"


southeast michigan?
i sleep
real shit


oh isnt that based off the book by de sade?


your brain is fucked


the guy who made that was a gay commie


i'm not a am i being detained? am i free to go? fag but when the cop asks "do you know why i pulled you over?" i would say no.
thats another bro cop. never heard of letting a dui slide. before the guy tarded out ofc


it's based off irl


that boy tarded out


massachusetts here, tell me more about padder


im gonna get drunk!!!!!!


vegas knights…


File: 1526698545111.png (511.98 KB, 1456x724, IMG_2526.png) ImgOps Google


Cute Twinks Fuck
119K views 👍71%


File: 1526698658335.png (77.41 KB, 380x349, 1525878129620.png) ImgOps Google

>that 12 year old boomer that watches hentai


File: 1526698723249.png (300.39 KB, 2048x1116, IMG_2527.PNG) ImgOps Google

thats the end of that
i'm turning it off before this guy starts pooping everywhere


the simpsons



love this meme




sick "sick in the head" zii


mr stinky freakzii


i love the stinkzii


your brain is fucked


one night i watched a drunk dude fail a police field sobriety test in front of my house and get arrested. i stop and get out to watch whenever i see one now. very entertaining


omae wa mou shindeiru


this is the sickzii forcer poster


File: 1526699220490.png (Spoiler Image, 159.48 KB, 866x900, 1526398334209.png) ImgOps Google




Just defend


the royal wedding…


what a crazy scenario


word fuck smokers and fuck white people


*pinches hair out of nose*

*holds spoils up to white area on monitor to view spoils*



there was a live pd clip where the guy pulls out a natty


arizona is fucked too


arizona he says


fucked he says




raid group is forming gtg…


File: 1526699886047.jpg (20.38 KB, 300x535, funny_cat_wearing_an_apron….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

​hey hey ho ho one six toot has got to go
​hey hey ho ho one six toot has got to go
​hey hey ho ho one six toot has got to go
​hey hey ho ho one six toot has got to go
​hey hey ho ho one six toot has got to go

fuck u toot





dont know what this is just putting it out there


nig shit don't click


how could you tell





a natty daddy




the only larkin we care about is larkin love




poor guy can't even live without getting slammed by $50 tickets constantly
i hope he does get a gun and takes out as many people as he can


*sends tip to fbi*


die tipper


take care of the tattletale toot


2oot? averse to bottom banners for reasons unknown







actually theres a very good reason for no bottom banner


fuck you tootshitbitch put it down there NOW


padshit playing his games again


someone wants to buy my r9 280x….


make like a san francisco native and be gay
just made that one up.. np lol





got my 1070 last month, im set for at least a few years


got any cpu and ram sales
that's what i need


nevermind apparently they arent good deals.. all i want is a gtx 1060..


File: 1526701230188.png (226.6 KB, 443x443, IMG_2518.PNG) ImgOps Google


whoa.. me too…


we're waiting for 1180


File: 1526701330260.png (907.95 KB, 712x583, needsaname.png) ImgOps Google

name my femgnome


got 9th in agario but got tricked by an epic trickster….




make sure there's an n sound in it and you spell it gn…



drinkable yogurt fucks me up


were lactose intolerant


we are


imagine not just using intel hd graphics on your thinkpad in 2018






uhhh no thanks dude


i dabble in both sections now


watching people masturbate is gross


it really is


fake news


you_are_mine_2:Anyone want to jerk off with me?



File: 1526702415050.jpg (46.58 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2551.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



i need some omo material


based gunny





Notice: Tip Menu: heels(25) | change outfit(28) | flash feet(26) | stockings/pantyhose(27) | flash butt(75) | flash clit(76) | naked for 10 minutes :mshy(100) | show my little tits(74) | suck on dildo :)(30) | footjob on dildo(31)

feet for 26????? thats a deal


File: 1526702523384.jpg (32.29 KB, 385x383, 2AD268E400000578-3174018-i….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


this is LOW




*sucks her blood*



this is what we like here


File: 1526702766601.jpg (Spoiler Image, 219.86 KB, 1538x1190, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

those are good


incels btfo once again


were volcels


as men we have the physical strength to rape whomever we please
we are not incel



oy vey


File: 1526702992407.jpg (99.65 KB, 400x600, 1526577546774.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



go away stinky foreskin tooner





wiping on mythic hounds


fricken ween ruined it


never played wow but how do you ever fail a raid


most people who raid are 40 year olds who love to stand in fire



cardi b is so hot…


File: 1526703549401.jpg (265.38 KB, 1348x1581, __naruse_mio_shinmai_maou_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



stop! >_<


watching mico too huh… god i love boobies…


love this song its on the radio every day..


File: 1526703932173.jpg (4.24 MB, 3566x3023, IMG_2552.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

i got this. i want this. i will.


king pidg is fucked


i listen to youtube vids at minimum 1.25x

but when i try to speak im at like .5x


yo what you gaming on pad, i have a gameboy advance something, it is a square then flips open to have the screen and controls on 2 different squares, boot up the 'mon yellow on that bad boy every now and then


still wiping on hounds


i feel it cumming babe



the sp
i had ne of those…





haven't opened a roo in a while… just got kaitlyniggered



softspoken boys…


what a sexy voice…


tried reading something semi-complicated
brain's not having it
need some addys


File: 1526704881932.jpg (65.97 KB, 485x550, cringebebe.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

just made this


it's a little dated


i dont get the shrek picture one
or the everyones a boomer one

losing touch with the 4teens…


its shit


dated? thats what makes it new


my cat knocked the trash barrel over in the kitchen.. hmm.. i wonder if hes trying to tell me something


ill be honest i listen to jesus radio on my way to work

going through elijah this last week


the barrels
the cat
the cereal
the cocoon
the fish tank(s)
the shelly
the super ball
the ice cream delivery
the nose blood


the neighbors playin a game
the alt-right podcasts
the darkman
the epic trole folder


that'll do pig, that'll do..


gonna go post my shrek bebe on /qa/


wonder if padder still has the tanks
he hasnt kept us up to date


We out here drippin' in finesse
It don't make no sense
Out here drippin' in finesse
You know it, you know it
We out here drippin' in finesse
It don't make no sense
Out here drippin' in finesse
You know it, you know it


can we chill


kodak yellow


illuminati predictive programing brain mush attack


hold on let me click that youtube vid real quick


her lyrics make her sound like a retard but the songs are good


this is so deep…


its a coordinated zog spam


no its just me zogin out


why do i like leaving nasty comments on the smithsonian's youtube channel so much?


got down mythic hounds dont worry guys



had a nice 25 minute cardio session.. almost no anxiety… might grab the skol tonight..


sick fucking freak check yourself in


File: 1526706974203.png (235.53 KB, 252x972, Gh98S3D.png) ImgOps Google


terminal brain mush


im thinking i might pour out the amount of vod i want to drink tonight into a separate container.. and then i wont over drink..


whats stopping you from just going back to the bottle


i have good self control


i never really got the self control thing


adds nothing


File: 1526707445005.jpg (92.86 KB, 640x640, 1486597506283.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i have no self control :(


File: 1526707480778.jpg (77.27 KB, 485x550, cringebebe.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ok final version


wish i could italicize in text messages
my mom would think its neat


*im wylin out*


i still dont know how to italics on the 162


somebody help me control myself


im out of control



i would use italics if i felt it really ~added~ something to my post


im off the:


im on GRID


we got the grid




define we


the scvees


*lends you a helping hand*


i have the self discipline of a garfield


~~test~~ ~~~goook~~~



teach me mental discipline




how do i stop being so fukced


you just gotta log out bro


File: 1526708009814.png (229.4 KB, 326x312, 1526572980858.png) ImgOps Google


nigger rape in the streets




+1 to juicy j


i really gotta straighten up my act
i got no discipline i bet if i was more serious and disciplined i'd be a better person yea


top 10 get high rappers
#1 is my rank


File: 1526708277477.jpg (38.06 KB, 480x360, 1519336668356.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



this is the type of girls we like here


(Bad language)


File: 1526708414312.png (171.56 KB, 246x318, 1524712388793.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1526708893918.jpg (154.99 KB, 1600x1200, lCrww3Q.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you say no to skol.. skol sipper cant..



alcohol i sleep


snortin pills real shit


File: 1526709657914.gif (429.41 KB, 500x375, manchildren will defend th….gif) ImgOps Google


*jerks off to sailor moon*


yea i dont blame ya… shes a FOX!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1526709820951.jpg (1.17 MB, 1800x2208, 1526708594570.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



nirvana is the greatest band of ALL time


never downloaded a single nirvana album
heard all of their famous meme songs though






*sips skol*


File: 1526714253576.png (388.98 KB, 700x620, 1486847707918.png) ImgOps Google




mom get the camera im gonna chug vodka for youtube


missed a dose of my pills
started getting brain zaps




we take our magnesium every day


might drunkenly email that drizly guy…


File: 1526715180890.webm (2.95 MB, 544x960, tin goes for a drive.webm) ImgOps Google


tossshit in the company car


word. how do we train up our mental discipline stat


File: 1526718807443.jpg (578.39 KB, 1280x1024, Madotsuki.full.423417.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



when i think of 162 i think master athlete


think i spotted some dumb math shit banner


two apostrophes between your text like so




just had to interact with someone in the meatspace and nearly blacked out i think theres something flippin wrong w me bros


we dont hide knowledge here


File: 1526720477252.png (193.49 KB, 1920x1080, hmm.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1526720615845.jpg (36.96 KB, 680x578, 1519317346653.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


just got a you


had to stop watching the beck anime because im not in the right demographic to enjoy seeing a cheerful and talented teen achieve his dreams


yes youre an angry bitter jealous goblin babyman


stop committing acts of violence against me


*punches you*
*teleports away so you cant punch me back*


*starts crying in public making everyone uncomfortable*


File: 1526722925576.gif (4.87 MB, 624x529, 천국.gif) ImgOps Google


kpop hours


i want to choke her gook neck


so uhh


lol word


File: 1526727579296.jpg (1.32 MB, 2154x3280, 0000034359_001_20170814093….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1526728612841.jpg (891.84 KB, 1000x1500, 180210-01.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


royal wedding…


ok…. sent a response to the guys who wanted to buy my old gpu….


this looks really comfy
but i know its gonna be shit so im not even gonna bother watching the first episode


why is a royal prince getting married to some fugly mutt


i wanna be sickziis princess


out of all the people fucked in their heads here
you are the most fucked :)



watching the new black mirror…


watch my black ass


happy birthday to me…


happy birthday cutie~


happy birthday to us




just imagine how many hot gooks you share a birthday with……



the long, cool shower i took? invigorating
cleaning my room? cleaning my mind
these warm, freshly washed clothes? comforting
the knowledge ill be sleeping in snuggly wuggly clean sheets tonight? soothing


*farts in your mouth*


boss up or get bossed on


wtf just got a hot brap in my mouth


going to bed stinky
gonna wash my sheets tomorrow :/


put the effort in, youll feel good :)


thats not gay


god i smell so good after that shower
did like 5 coats of gel


raining today
no skate or discing…


i dont have any gels


get some gels bro



fuck i want to stab her slit


im sure hers isnt that vile




stinkzii freakzii he defiles my asszii


File: 1526737852448.png (166.71 KB, 527x297, d8f6f2c2-666e-42fd-aaf3-34….png) ImgOps Google


even the dotcom bubble wasnt as crazy as this
i have no words at this point


otanjobi omedetou gozaimasu


how do i self discipline


slap your own shit up


thats disgusting you freak





*jumps naked out of sickziis birthday cake*


is it sickziis bday
happy birday man


dr phil and decaf coffee this morn :)




shes just not hot what is prince arry doing lads




*unvelcros wallet*
man i need a new wallet



so this guy is gonna give me a 100 for my card and he wants 20 back since i listed it for 80
is this nigger trying to give me a fake 100????


tell him to pay in bitcoin
cant counterfeit those


i really really hate how "politicans" dont even bother listening (not just to this girl but every time i see a parliamentary speech) they are constantly shuffling papers, looking for something, talking with each other, whatever
isnt this supposed to be their job?
id get fired instantly if all i did was deliver a single speech and then play video games on my mobile phone for the rest of the week


*points at your boner*


*jerks off to posh spice*


we listen to grunge metal because it reflects how we feel


omo post her……


i know people who would kill you for calling aic grunge


hes jerking off to slitting her throat i hope


bet they're dumb nerds so i'm not scared


you dont know who posh spice is?


we like scary spice here


obviously i know who she is
post the pic or the video or whatever you are fapping to
or is she at the wedding?


File: 1526741187093.png (138.09 KB, 497x646, Screenshot from 2018-05-19….png) ImgOps Google

google has my back


die lol
*farts on you*
*teles away*


*does the anime expression with face*
eeeeeeeeeeeh??????? why


mathbros get in here


basted this guys cool


i've learned 265 japanese words in 3 weeks
i can't believe i got gypped into thinking this was a difficult language


he's reddit


File: 1526741406830.png (1.79 MB, 781x1057, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

people on #socialmedia are making fun of her bitch face at the royal wedding
she aint smilin at all its hot


she's a puppet


shes got that mature rich bitch look now…ah yes


they are both puppets
why in the hell would he marry a mutt
he could probably have any girl he wanted
and he picked a half negress it doesnt make sense



grow up


File: 1526741853126.webm (3.7 MB, 270x360, 325435.webm) ImgOps Google


hate that freakazoid


all the money in the world and he chooses to marry a literal nigger
it doesnt make sense
the only thing that does make sense is this is more jewish brainwashing


shut up reeki nobody cares


sometimes halfies can be hot
but this one…arry lad…m8…u goofed


wonder what the queen really thinks about him marrying a nigger


why do we care stop talking about this shit


gook halfies? yes absolutely
nigger halfies? hoooo boy dont make me laugh thas a nigger


doubt she can even think anymore
i doubt the ol brain does much after 90



C+= (pronounced either C-plus-Equality, or See Equality) is a feminist programming language, created to smash the toxic Patriarchy that is inherent in and that permeates all current computer programming languages.

Note: This is a programming language written by and for FEMINISTS, not WOMEN. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE, YOU MISOGYNIST!


convoluted as hell. all that shit just to explain stable and unstable fixed points…


dude your 5 years too late on that


*learns C+=* time to code



File: 1526742467531.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, 1526686300039[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ill banach a fixed point right up your ass tooty boy


wowzy mico has a boobie cam now?


i got 4




toot make a 162 minecraft server


every song is about being addicted to heroin it's hilarious


wtf is this language
some of the words are in english, some spanish, some is pure gibberish
and they just mix it all up wtf


who is this dude? knowyourmeme plz


someone buy me a dog!


*puts on a dog collar*


puppy play bois


good job slut, you're on the rape list now


perro perro caca government perro el caca clean up trash
that is real goofy soundin




real nice stuff youre teaching your kids, canada lol


a guy on grindr tried to get me to do puppy play once


File: 1526743376268.jpg (105.27 KB, 640x1138, HtfPzTls8Mdaho9a2kgQ6biOCP….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




yeah i only use it for the laffs


do you always laff when you get pounded in the butt


just opened up an unrelated video and it had the same background music o_O


1:56 omo alert


libshits are fucked in their heads


polteen here, limiting parents rights?


gay village rep here


mished mashed mushed


not even trying to be snarky, the people who said they would move to canada because of drumpf… should move to canada. they would be so much happier


gook morning!~


calm down reeki


we don't want em here tho




File: 1526744492011.jpg (250.79 KB, 1920x1080, ZrCqd.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




>Majority of illegal migrants to Canada in 2018 are Nigerians with U.S. travel visas


File: 1526744739962.png (142.52 KB, 627x329, Screenshot from 2018-05-19….png) ImgOps Google

ohhh… you knoooow it….


toss you one goofy bastard


i ride goofy


*nollies over your moms car*


wtf dude thats my moms car


wtf dude you cant just noolie over his moms car like that


yeah i dont care much for rules


we're bad boys who do what we want



there's a really pretty indian cashier at my local 'lix
no red dot either….. do i go for it


i saw this a few months ago and dug it but felt like i missed the meme




pretty indians are rare you have to


the only hot indian is the girl from slumdog millionaire



got call from my boss…saying well done Rajeev


File: 1526746385037.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, 1526686300039[2].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



i had a real pretty indian girl waitress before…changed my whole mind on em


its like water off a ducks back…


just remembered about that indian bus rape ordeal
big boner thinkin' 'bout it…..


indians are the only people who GET rape like we do


what about the cambodian baukbros?


+1 we bauk


>A Chankiri Tree or Killing Tree was a tree in the Cambodian Killing Fields against which children and infants were smashed because their parents were accused of crimes against the Khmer Rouge. It was so the children "wouldn't grow up and take revenge for their parents' deaths".[1] Some of the soldiers laughed as they beat the children against the trees, as not laughing could have indicated sympathy, making oneself a target.[2]


File: 1526746897761.jpg (63.42 KB, 600x600, 1526686300039[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

we hate rape here


i'll rape you till you love it


grow up


+1 word rape bad


>not laughing could have indicated sympathy, making oneself a target
do sociologists have a name for this phenomenon
seems pretty common, saw things like it in the soviet union


yeah… fitting in…




its just a bunch of cold war propaganda
fuck ameriKKKa


a scrub is a guy that things hes fly


"peer pressure"




who is turt


just cumsied to anri okita
havent done that probably since she retired


File: 1526747323326.png (1.78 KB, 24x29, sned.png) ImgOps Google


every time i heelflip a stair set my butthole clenches





i have so much mental discipline



File: 1526747882260.jpg (13.3 KB, 211x103, das.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


let the epicness begin xd


*let the epicness begin*


it's more than that though


ok wait a second let me use my patreon credits to ask jordan peterson about this


like everyone suspects that they might not be the only one feeling bad about smashing babies
but they're not sure if they have the majority, or that they could organize somehow
i think it's a mechanism by which a minority view can prevail over a group


kind of like the minority view that pedophilia is bad


or the minority view that rape is bad


here we go


Both of these are the majority view.


are these phone numbers or what


Call Me. Dial your number. Go ahead.


its just one story :/
i really expected there to be at least 3 pieces this was a really bad pewnews





File: 1526748545889.png (11.27 KB, 388x124, Screenshot_2018-05-19_18-4….png) ImgOps Google



i just want a small nip girl to bully…


to punch her crooked teeth in and rape her violently





smal pip girls…




shes a thot
why apologize


lol phillyd


yeah pew news sucked this time









new skate shoes are ordered….


i want to FUCK her right there on that pew chair



i wanna smell that pew chair


she's loving the attention
little whore



mental discipline


wish this is the worst id feel today.. but it wont be..


but can it do this? *penetrates*


you may have this arse about face laddy


giving your japanese gf black eyes so she can't whore it up outside…


mental illness*


File: 1526750198424.jpg (93.64 KB, 749x718, Dda7DxGUwAAePwN[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



women are saints


*wakes up from the skol hole*


imagine "donating" to charity just because a game monolith told you to


and technically they did get something in return…


thats so fake


omai wa mo shinideryu


whats up youtube!? "former" heroin addict and weed lover here to give you life advice and spiritual guidance!!!




*slowly sets down blue-eyes white dragon* well well well
what have we here lol



grr grrrrrrrrr graaaaaaaaaaa aaa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA grgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr rggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA A A A AAAAAAAAAAAA


File: 1526751195972.jpg (41.63 KB, 500x666, IMG_2555.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

there was one of these with tinface but its lost forever


File: 1526751344822.jpg (56.04 KB, 450x808, 5-Putin-tried-to-unlock-my….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1526751389728.jpg (105.73 KB, 1600x1200, 6685_1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


is that a boy




Rina Hirata





1080p (HD) | 'Despacito' Remix | 2017







slaughter it for bacon


im a nasty pervert folks


lives in shit


rina is so sexy
native english speaker too


sickzii is swearing at my butt again… feels like im being objectified…


imagine touching her fat butt…


File: 1526752395029.jpg (588.69 KB, 562x746, 1401452463870.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i've got the 'rrhea bad. it's taking all my willpower not to live in shit


just give in to the shit life


why would i imagine that
her shit comes out of there


gangbanging is the worst fetish


i think gay is


all i know for certain is that cuckolding is the thinking-man's fetish



not even 2s


*clicks vid*
*clicks close to remove the thumbnail*
*goes on with day*


maybe just a tiny fart…


brappers are the best


thanks bro



tin she looks like a fucking alien dude bro


a grey


Google Chrome is killing the URL security tag that highlights secure sites


i hope google kills me soon


mindbogglingly ugly


im gonna bust a big nut to this


hi, la beast here


shows us your pussy


mush swiss burg and some chips for lunch


wow i guess it really is all about camera angles and perspective
she looks like a fucking reptilian shape shifter


it's the lens, look at the corner of the video
but yeah she looks bimbofied here


she's ugly but it's also a fish eye lens


File: 1526753322998.png (15.98 KB, 256x256, jessica.png) ImgOps Google

she always looked like a turtle


her face looks like some disgusting combination of fake plastic and pizza grease and sweat


shes hot you idiots
look at her chest in that vid its hot as hell man
and i like when women wear nice necklaces and stuff turns me on




you guys don't understand tins relationship with sica at all


okay padder im charging up my 3ds
when its done im stomping over to your town


jessica is tins furrsona


pad lets play stardew


not falling for any of this


lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to



demonic shit don't click


i want to stab a pussy with a sharp one


might go for a walk…


Hitler definitely died in 1945, according to new study of his teeth



reeki is gonna lose it


damn just like the song….


what song you fucking sick freak


reeki lost it a long time ago


you know the song about hitlers teeth


you need help kid


holland 1945


in some sort of time machine


hey thats a good song


how did they get hitler's teeth


*boots up sonic 3d blast*


wtb hitlers teeth


from his mouth


how'd they get his mouth
i thought they never found a body


how do you think…




probably some sort of time machine


time travel isnt possible


what about traveling to parallel universes


its not possible let it go


what about travelling directly into my ass


thats gay and not the subject of conversation


our understanding of the universe is not complete
anything is possible


didn't he go to argentina or something


nice trips bro


gurren lagann is shit



buenos noches mein fuhrer



in this moment i am euphoric


sm64 yea baby speedrunning narci wq goose yea


File: 1526755393993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.95 KB, 859x483, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i guess theyre ok…for a brit woman…


sickzii give me the cumlord cummers


is that the slut who got married


i dunno its just some brit girl that showed her feet for 20 tokens


20 tokens? a steal


yeah that was a bargain


widdly scuds


this freak (>>317120) needs to be put down


they're taking george down for being insane in a public area, talking about being shot by snipers in front of the whitehouse
they're finally arresting him



samoans more like sickzii i moan


listen im just happy hes dead ok
finally the jewish peoples that went through the holocaust can sleep in peace


mecha hitler


yo boy yo amnesia



gettin a lil warm, time to crank




just made some malicious posts on /a/


adds nothing


add one



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