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egyptian mischief
gsl tonight
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waiting for the migration before i drop my post…


drop this post

*shits on the thread*


yurohours are so dead miss when we had zii posting about drinking monster, wanting to fuck jinnitv and crying about dislikes


i wanna fuck jinny too but im not a euro


im a euro and i drink monster but i dont have yellow fever and i dislike zii vids


i love zii


just liked all of zii's youtube vids except for tlou2 i disliked those


gotta love nenechi thats what i always say


can't believe i took the vax without any long term studies just to shut up my foid sister


have you ever seen her boobs?



i did this but to shut up my foid mom


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okay ill take the vax, but youll have to call me onii-chan from now on


you are so fucked lol theres a 5% chance the mrna gets transcribed into your dna and if it does youre going to die from something random at any point because nobody knows anything about this


damn a 5% chance is like rolling a natural 1


Dice rollRolled 17

1 i die
anything else im good


Dice rollRolled 15

rolling for mrna death


you used up your luck on the dice roll now your chance of dying is higher





oh no no no


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–do we have small here–
__or underline__






~~i see~~


where’s tossbro been
dont tell me he died from the depopulation vaxx


im "gay"


he's on once in a while
most of the time he posts without the flag


thank you


youre gay?




bold gay









dark obsession for men





not omo come on


fugly gook






IMF: Worlds needs a Monetary Reset 'to stop runaway climate change'



baste kikes


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