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the boys are back in town
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holy shit!


it's a sex thing. a switch can be dom or sub.


is that the movie where the temple made the guy do seppuku with a wooden stick?






if you took a laptop from today and gave it to hitler in 1938 would he be able to win the war


depends is it running gnome


with internet access


he'd watch tgirls all day long and forget about the war


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i watch tgirls all day long and forget about everything




ah yes the chinese restaurant font simply sublime


gonna torrent zoo tycoon and enjoy some good sadism kino


partings playing a bo5 vs scarlett



id subscribe to his onlyfans


sorry i cant watch im laddering


what race do you play




theres only 1 race the human race



this is a good game


zii the metal gear rex model you want is out of stock almost everywhere. are you awake?


doubt their greatest minds would be able to reverse engineer it without taking long enough for the war to end


>starcrap 2


ive heard the nazis mistake was focusing on rockets instead of advanced radar


give hitler all the scientists at bell labs instead


i mean in hindsight its easy to say a lot of that stuff. german subs had asdic detectors that worked but because of the naval code being broken they thought we had invented asdic detector detectors so they never used their asdic detectors for the rest of the war


fartings getting dabbed on


Markus Persson (IQ 150, known for being the original creator of the extremely successful sandbox video game "Minecraft". IQ backed up by paper IQ score)


parting o_o


wow protoss is disgusting


what if you coom in the iss and leave it floating…


going to repost this later for zii i'm posting now so i can close the tab


my dad is such a passive aggressive fag writing "close door" on a piece of paper next to the side door



well close the fuckin door bro


the lady astronauts will take care of it


you cant talk shit about your dad when youre a worthless neet manbaby


what does oos mean?


bros bros bros new among us map new among us map new among us map


parting did this vs dark too its disgusting


out of stock


scar getting groyped


ames superchat reading stream jacked up to 4k viewers because of the walfie avatar lol


he needs to apologize for playing that race



oh yea i had more to discuss with him. you can find them in stock in random online hobby stores, sometimes overseas, id recommend he get the black ver. because its easiest to not paint. it has 600 parts so i'd recommend he build a gundam or two so he will be less likely to chop and scratch the plastic to bits


what is wrong with you?

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