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toon my tin
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yea you are it says right there bro


what is there to solve it gives you a key at the bottom


oh i think i get it. you're getting a separete cones with each scoop no matter what size so the big sizes youre paying for multiple .50 cones




and you get the double thing twice so thats .50 conex2 twice which is that extra $2


this is where toot is supposed to notice my natty math genius and take me under his wing


*aims my gun at your head*


dodges it


die fake toot


dodge this




too many toots @_____@


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toot toot i dont know what banners youve added, thanks for adding my mathgook. i wanted to make sure you got this doggo one




*enables loser banner*
i hurt myself today…


dang she was big


wtf i just did too


File: 1610551167963.webm (853.35 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Log Horizon ….webm) ImgOps Google

god i wish that was me


let her slop


at least i dont like sweets


holy moly GME is pumping
tinny is going to be a billionaire


we will all work for tinny one day


dont you get bored of watching numbers on a chart go up and down


set and forget


its just fun to check prices once or twice a day
keep an eye on things
but not watching 24/7



dad bought btc at the peak…


why didnt you stop him


now hes looking at stellar lol


the ksluts?


how do i stop drinking soda


i heard once you are hooked its harder to quit than opiates


no the coin





self control
or program your brain by telling yourself that youre not drinking soda anymore every day until it clicks


just drink beer instead of soda




dude it starts in 3 hours


i bought a big water jug and kept it in my room and i didnt buy soda was my secret


i love my tiny dick


maybe ill try drinking some carbonated water


i liked mixing mineral water with some kombucha


*looks at the reply count*


*listens to red heart*


relinking this because i liked it and maybe you missed it


you can tell he's been wronged before



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>maybe ill try drinking some carbonated water

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