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they banned the president for incitement of violence lol the commander in chief the guy that sends the military to invade places and murder people


he should have that jack guy executed


well maybe drumpfy should have started some wars then


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if he invaded iran they probably would have let him be president again


how can he even tell thats *his* render
it just looks like mario


its the same obviously


the next time we see drumpf hes going to be bogged


the american machine chugs on


im sure i could find 100 pictures of mario that look the same


had to walk in to the living room to my dad and break the news that trump got banned from twitter


how did he take it


the buttons even have the same reflection


he flipped


when you guys plug your ears with your fingers do you hear ringing


i hear a river of lava
or magma


i hear earthquake rumbling no ringing


i hear the screams of crying women and children


JUST IN - President Trump has just joined Parler, according to Sean Hannity.




alexa what is parler


what is parler


bet all the dumb polposters say it like parlor not parlay



i think the founder literally called it that on tv


nazi twitter


social media is gay as hell







*blasts electric wizard in the thread*


i dont listen to rap anymore but i dont hate this


stop that im trying to listen to harp music


nuclear warheads ready to strike
the world is so fucked lets end it tonight


*turns it up louder*


imagine having 50 year old q boomers living rent free in your head


i didnt like that at all thinks its so clever


i said stop that not turn it up louder


what should i listen to tonight for my nightwalk


whats that? i didnt catch that? you said louder? ok
*turns the dial up all the way*



nah too busy


File: 1610150389136.jpg (55.32 KB, 626x600, cxrgnv.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



please i just wanna mine


Viper - I Pupeteered Tha Takeova Of Capitol Hill To Instat Myself As President & Get Pogchamp Removd


temporary forever and fear of a black tangent are great albums




his ambient stuff is so cheesy tho

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