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*pats seat next to me* come, have a seat
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how about you suck my fucking dick you fucking retard


thegiraffeneckassassin: but monogomy doesnt equal long relationship. thats what scared me in my last relationship cuz i felt like i was stuck. but saying yes to mongomy doesnt have to mean not dating anyone else for the rest of your life

true man
so fucking true


kill yourself back to that things twitch chat you fucking enabling idiot


how about you lick my fat clit you rwetard niggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrnigger i smoked your moms tits on a fire pit and thats a true story


how do you smoke tits….


an 8am beer run is on the horizon..


we're done drinking for 16 hours or so




had the 3 hour nap when drinking which kinda threw a wrench in the gears…


the combat is kinda simple tho and i dont like how fast weapons break


Got a sweet Asian chick, she go Lo Mein


well finally finished the culture of narcissism


why has everyone been meaner to tinny than usual?


heres a couple excerpts
>The 'education' of the masses has altered the balance of forces within the family, weakening the authority of the husband in relation to the wife, and the parent to the children.
>Truth has given way to credibility, facts to statements that sound authoritative without conveying any authoritative information
>We live in a world of pseudo-events and quasi-information in which the air is saturated with statements that are neither true or false but merely credible
>The posture of cynical detachment becomes the dominant style of everyday intercourse
>it is a tribute to the peculiar horror of contemporary life that makes the worst features of earlier times–the stupefaction of the masses, the obsessed and driven lives of the Bourgeois seem attractive by comparison


if my parents had more authority id be way worse off :/


sounds like my alt right podcasts


are you one of those self-made billionaires


well it was written in 1979 and the author dabbles with marxist critiques of capitalism & its corollary cult of consumerism from time to time.


globalists gave marx money to be a gay bum
its all globalists in the end… behind it all


im gay


grow up


kinda hate reviewbrah he eats all that greasy fast food but he's still skinny..


he mostly eats non-fast food if he isnt reviewing shit


yeah but i eat fast food way less than he reviews shit and im still a fat fuck!




i just eat way too much healthy food…


try using your legs a little



the only people who are fat are those who drink alcohol

makes me think


sigh… waiting for the universe to die


File: 1499171483940.jpg (1.07 MB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oq9iu5cug71ti6w0wo3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wish you would die tinny


we all die in the end


whats even the point
if were all gonna die in the end, with no offspring
nobody will remember us a couple of years after our deaths


thats it im addopting


*runs a foster home for the tax money*
*makes them tend the fields*
lol they paid for themselves before the work!


ari pinned my comment ^^


File: 1499173183160.jpg (583.9 KB, 2520x3948, DONALD TRUMP AND OBAMA ON ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

cant be stopped


who the heck is ari


your mom




watch em folks


im awake
im here
ready…to post…


good night frigging idiots


watch me crank that soulja boy


slow hours…


some morons went to another thread fyi


File: 1499183076160.png (7.99 KB, 297x29, SC2_x64_2017-07-04_11-42-1….png) ImgOps Google


ohayou~! ^_^



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