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we love cops




time for more big sleep


i will tolerate no arbiter of state violence




time for more big sip


hate this pro-cop anti-husband agitprop


what the fuck does agitprop mean


hate how honto never gives good discounts on physical books



this is some kind of fetish flick





(the weapon is a tear gas canister launcher)😆


name's artemis
i have a bleached asshole


time to do my thing


i love getting fucked up!



how come none of these people are in their pjs isnt it the middle of the night


KonPeko~, I'm Usada Pekora Nice to meet u!
Welcome to Pekora channel!
I'm a cute rabbit♡
Thank you for Watching :)
Be friendly with me!


i dont own pjd


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skipped all posts…

should i go hiking or not?
its -5C outside


how about a casual walk


if i wont go hiking, i'll go for a 30 min casual walk for sure. but later


filthy casual


casual fags out




guild leader asked what naxx loot i want
i said everything bitch!!!!


maybe you should be guild leader


never been in a guild…


btc to 17k today


fun movie i liked it


pillows getting rotated in the case again..


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File: 1606030662758.jpg (15.32 KB, 221x360, 1595967611948.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


fuck it im going hiking!


i just had a real good idea: program an e-worm that secretly installs invisible coin mining software that runs in the background on peoples computers. thousands of pc's mining for you


do you have a walking stick? do you even hike?


what if i just walk into a bank with a gun instead




spy sappin my sentry


Sykkuno fans share their love and support after the Twitch streamer appeared to look upset and frustrated during his recent Among Us stream


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i've seen every arnold movie up to end of days, the majority of them in the theatre


i saw the first terminator and fell asleep during that first conan one



oh man those are the exact ones you shouldnt be sleeping. i didnt sleep when i saw junior in theatres


doing stuff in eve looks way cooler than doing nothing in eve like i always did during my free trial

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