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its time to dilate
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grow up


just finished a dnd sesh
dads porkchops
apple cider


i'm babby buy i've done some real nigga things


have you killed someone




love murder


dyatlov pass…


beta male kills chuck because he feels cucked. winter edition


playan +r
watchan oneyplays


i dont know what that symbol is




you must commit seppuku skipper


you will never pass


already do



getting properly gendered out of pity isnt passing


no you dont floshitter


you dont even know what i look like


File: 1605939632930.jpg (144.08 KB, 508x908, floshitter.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




imagine getting tricked by discord trannies into thinking you can become a cute anime girl lmao


any one has steam controller ? and can tell how it is ?



demonic shit dont click


i love peko so much


its great i love it


now that ive got this ps2 emulator what other games should i try?
ive already tried mgs3 before and hated that so dont suggest it



oh i think they dont sell any more


bro we're already at ps5! ditch that shit!


what popular games have you played


just emulated dmc3 but other than that pretty much only ones that were multiplat, i had xbox and gamecube back in the day



yeah it seems like that sale was the last of em


i'm alging about emergency backup nhl goalies and they're chill. every home team is required to provide a backup goalie available to either team in case both of their goalies get hurt.
the emergency backup doesnt dont get paid. the teams usually assign an equipment manager or they give a boomer fan who was a goalie in college a season ticket. it's rare for them to ever play


the most memorable game for ps2 for me was indigo prophecy cuz i played it while going through my first bad alcohol withdrawals and a lot of the game has to do with controlling your characters anxiety and shit


>dmc3 not even on the list
>mgs3 #1
meh, im interested in okami though ill probably try that out possibly shadow of the colossus and beyond good and evil too


snoo would have loved this post



theres also the other SMT games
and i really liked shadow of rome but maybe its too dated now
lots of good jrpgs on ps2 as well but those are a fuckin time investment


i dont really like jarpigs


i've been itching for one


>no burnout 3
im out


i played burnout on xbox


friday night and its time to do my thing


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File: 1605941976917.png (15.87 KB, 262x284, 1605941822598.png) ImgOps Google


for me it was burnout on gamecube


for me it was san andreas cuz you got to play as a nigger!


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