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pick 2
abandon the rest for life
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if work was guaranteed for life and paid for a middle class family lifestyle with benefits of course people would like it as much as the boomers did


gooey popped from that post



lolibooba is detestable


idk those short stacks from granblue are pretty hot bro


bib boob anime cake vtubers…


never felt close to anyone


saint seiya is baste


i have but then they hurt me and now i dont let it happen anymore




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women should be loved and respected
at the same time they should be kept in barns and not allowed to vote


absolutely need anime bitches to become real before i die
what the fuck is taking scientists so long


yeah im all messed up now but no need to worry im only thirty so theres plenty of time to develop healthy relationships and a life that makes me happy that i can grow into no problem





every year that i get older its less and less likely that i will live to see anime gfs become reality


>Our systems have detected an unusual number of search by image requests from your computer network. Please try your request again later.
wtf google is cock blocking me


yandrex bro


is it for the pixiv pics? you can just copy paste the file names into the url


not from pixiv


based botnet bro


whats the best botnet to join


im installing bfme2


yandexbro here,


bfme2? sick!


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162 lotr ee marathon


you don't choose your botnet, your botnet chooses you!~



not until a good holoen does a watch-along


File: 1603074246689.png (138.63 KB, 665x678, Screenshot from 2020-10-18….png) ImgOps Google



hey nerds how do i check if im actually in a botnet or something
i got that message the first image i tried to search


if any of those were me i cant remember


buy a hardware packet sniffer and hook it up to your router


look for weird processes
open wireshark and see where your traffic is coming or going when you're idle


i used wireshark once


not gonna work if its his roomba thats compromised


yeh it's cool


how do you know he has a roomba O_O


k but gimme a chuuba to watch or else


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shion streamed minecraft with korone its a pretty good watch


ok so out of curiosity i tried google searching another image and it let me do it just fine
then i tried the image that first gave me that error and it did it again




File: 1603075450997.png (8.12 KB, 450x450, 1433025263229.png) ImgOps Google


simple, the image is cursed


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