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stand back
and stand by
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i got the headlights free from a friend its mostly that i dont have the tools to do all this testing stuff


i have one of those multimeters why dont you?




she's back :3


no i had one but its at my moms house


odds healty stuff evens more ice cream


ice cream is a superfood


that better be vegan ice cream son


Blizzard To Stop Major Development Updates for StarCraft II




to really believe in heaven, and to really truly believe you are going there, i bet that must be great


damn this is pretty spicy tonight
spooky stuff


nooo the interns…


they perfectly balanced the game and no longer need patches


would someone in this position have true inner peace?


they said no war chests (skins) or commanders they're just gonna work on balancing and shit



in in in


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oh no no no weeb bros


what does it mean…



should i watch this anime


dont even need to open to know that the answer to that question is yes


dont even need to open to know that the answer to that question is no


nips are tech illiterate iDrones


you arent mature enough to get japanese culture


Apple products are pretty good though


why do animers love underage schoolgirls so much


cod pros are raging because they instituted skill based matchmaking into the game and they cant stomp 12 year olds anymore


random matchmaking is the best



cant believe qanon has become a national issue


cant wait for these to be translated


It’s easy to follow


hololive is not easy to follow
you need to have at least 140 IQ and understand japanese language and literature at a phD level or higher


i keep playing the beginning of minecraft


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new thread time


when you have no one to share it with and youve done it all before a hundred times its hard to stay motivated


nick the spic got into it with timmy heidecker


no one cares about dumb eceleb drama




File: 1602810535128.png (55.7 KB, 810x458, 1602790100199.png) ImgOps Google






pretty embarrassing how threatened tim heidecker and his lil crew comes off as against teenbro nick


Sumo aspen


the best thing about senor fuentes is that you can just call him a spic faggot and you'll win in the eyes of his fans but tim is too scared to do it



Idk what she’s doing but I’d do it for her if she asked me to


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