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stay strong
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why would he test it in that thread tho






didnt know you could just make an empty post
sasuga toot



so someone was in that old greta thread and pressed new reply on accident? why were they there in the first place?


mind your own business kid


time for goro to destroy these south american monkeys


he should be still around so he could clear that up


if you keep asking questions things wont turn out well for you


we cant just leave this mystery unsolved lingering in our consciousness


someone might knock on your doors


im not scared


thats what they all said…


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ill just ask him directly
why did you blank post in the greta thread and what were you doing there?


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some good stuff in that greta thread


*eats an apple*

doctors btfo


i can't deal with the grip angle on the glock


best fruit




i like the red gatorade






If you’ve been feeling weak and tired way too often, it could be due to iron deficiency. The one big change you can make is to include dried figs in your diet as they’re a rich source of iron. Iron is needed in the body to transport oxygen in your blood. When your meals don’t contain enough iron, your body will have to work harder to deliver oxygen to your cells, a drop in which can make you feel lethargic and dull. Figs are particularly good to eat when you have your period and losing a lot of blood.


gotta get some figs


If research is anything to go by, dried figs contain more calcium than any other fruit! A dried fig can give you 3% calcium of your daily calcium requirement. This along with other calcium-rich foods can help make your bones stronger than ever thereby helping you stay away from arthritis and osteoporosis. Such a powerful fruit, isn’t it?


Dried figs are loaded with potassium, which helps lower blood pressure by reducing the ill-effects of salt in the body. One dried fig will give you 129 mg of potassium and barely 2mg of sodium. So beat hypertension the natural way by including dried figs in your diet.


they're tasty aswell but i prefer bananas over them


Just like most other fruits, dried figs are known to be rich in fibre. Including dried figs in your meals can help you stay away from stomach problems and also improve bowel function. Dried figs are natural laxatives, which prevent constipation and other digestive disorders.


die figger


bananas are african food
figs grow in croatia


fucking figgers man


look at those milkers @__@


File: 1599566692992.png (277.4 KB, 635x1024, banana-facts-for-kids-info….png) ImgOps Google


lat*n america
the caribbea*
west afr*ca


new corbett


guess whos still awake at 8am!


File: 1599567830753.png (168.79 KB, 265x370, EhY-b8aXkAANKW_.png) ImgOps Google



are you fixing your sleep schedule by staying awake all day?


no im gonna fall asleep around 9am and wake up at 4pm


wake up 4 hours prematurely, sweating with dry mouth, body screams for water and i chug 2 energy drinks instead, which in my stomach are absorbed by the 4000 calories of carbs i ingested 20 minutes before sleep, bubbling up and giving my stomach a tight full feeling, and giving the impression of quenching my thirst. finally, my baseline. the day begins.


that doesnt sound very healthy


hes killing himself


you made it bro


just think in 17 hours il be pouring that first sip


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