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you just know
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"FizzBuzz" )


is this supposed to be hard


scatter code freaks



a lot of people with cs degrees on twitter talk about failing interviews because they cant do it


you forgot "n"





grow up




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i refuse to believe this is true


look at this little possum building his neetnest


talking shit to snoopdogg on his tiktok and instagram again


File: 1598474212479.jpg (129.98 KB, 1080x1080, oo343enavdj51.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


thats not chill bro


search it on hackernews or whatever nigger idc


grow up


i get the bottom right you guys fight over the rest


top left is cute enough


damn they look like femcels but still get dong





a woman coined the term incel, believe it or not


thanks for the history lesson on inceldom :)


just saying that girls can be cels too


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smoking is nice but i cant see how anyone would get addicted to it


this is what does to you



its a tardfilter for people that dont actually program at all


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mr. reeki i would like to have a little talk with you


love being a neet


surely to finish a cs degree you'd have to have programed at some point right?
if not what do they teach in cs?


deep down no matter what they say boomers fucking love immigrants because they need them for cheap labor



ive had just about enough of these boomers


Hurricane Laura Strengthens Into a Category 4; Catastrophic Strike Ahead Near Louisiana and Texas Border



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stop linking these gay threads


wish we had hurricanes and tsunamis and shit



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whats to you is gold to me


the tension comes from a lack of growth and consolidation of wealth that always periodically happens world just needs the good churning over its been putting off for too long



love getting linked to 4norm threads its my favorite




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