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floor doritios edition
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AT ALL>>1035734


random.sample is your friend


we can see its you bro
turn on ip vision


fany what kinda car are you gonna buy after you go on a +$500k run?






fp out


damn toot is based


oh no not your reputation


made myself a nice midnight breakfast :3


This is quite fresh idea, incorporating a horror house theme into a molestation and rape film. The idea totally works well, a good set up to lure young school girls then once they are inside, those perverts will took advantage their fear of the dark and monsters to molest and rape their prey.

Chiharu Miyazawa and Ai Kawana scenes are my favorite here. The two are perfect to play the highschool girl characters as they look young and fresh. I also like their situation, it starts with exploring the horror house and evades some obstacles such as scary items or monsters. At first they taught the little touch was just part of the scarring tactics but later they realized that those men are molesting them. Their smile turns into fear and scared as their fun turn into a real horror, those men will brutally rape these girls. The rape scenes are beautifully and brutally done. It was fun to watch earlier the girls are smiling and laughing then later these cutie are screaming and crying as they mercilessly gangrape.

Sachiko and Nene Tanaka is fine, but compared to the two actresses above, the scene of Chiharu-chan and Ai-chan is alot of fun and brutal.


wtf bro its only 7 in the afternoon!



+500k run what do you mean? \

the word run implies it's in some short time

nobody's really making 500k in some short period nowadays

successful pros are only making prob like 100k-200k/yr on avg

in terms of onlie players that's maybe like 20 people tbh, if that

i just play for fun as a side hobby. adn as time goes on, i'm going to play less and less

honestly think i'm just gonna max out my retirement accouns and that's it

30k/yr into my 401k, hsa, and ira. anything extra will just stay in poker roll

i want a tesla p3d, which is only 60k (like 50k if i turn in my car, which i will)

but honestly i dont wanna get that rn. it's too hard at an apartment complex

rather do it with a home

but at the same time im prob gonna get a condo not a home

so if its an upscale condo i guess ill do it

it all depends on where im gonna be physically in 2-5 yr

npt yet

nah its fucked


whatd you get

its 4pm here


drank vod again
got a headache now


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im euro bro!


File: 1595804874581.png (348.3 KB, 772x810, 1595729154907.png) ImgOps Google

im ouroboros



already linked this wow you look so stupid right now :)


File: 1595805087502.jpg (21.72 KB, 528x190, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

i've not came accross that yet
i couldn't figure out how to get choice and .pop to work together so i settled with randrange


*pulls up in my cybertruck*


its all the same ip address
fp must have been drunk posting now hes doubling down claiming someone stole his identity lul


pop deletes though right?


i dont drinhk… if it shows the same ip then toot is doing some sneaky stuff… you cant trust jealous people


word we dont drink anymore


hi pad


yeah it deletes from the original list
i just move it back before i run the loop again
i think it's the best way to code this given what i've learned so far



cant believe fp is actually claiming toot changed his ip to frame him
like bwo you post stupid shit all the time just admit it was you and move on already we dont care


what about just grabbing those elements by indexing?


im gonna need you to repeat that pekodayo


this is fp in 5 years


im really lazy


what condition does this guy have


what do you mean by condition


does he have some health issues or what


obviously did you watch the video IDIOT!!!!!


do you mean choosing a random number/letter then adding it to a list then looping again? if so that was my first solution >>1039831


im sorry for calling you an idiot


i cant watch the video im just asking before i watch it
if you dont know just admit it


dont apologize it makes you look weak



but i am weak


yeah i forgot you did that to do it without replacement


fp got btfoed hugely


you have everything you need to write this function

def random_sample(l, n):
returns n random elements from l without replacement assuming



fp you got fucking owned kid




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