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acab thread
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does a tucker viewer comprehend this simple cartoon?




it's a cartoon by our guy ben garrison


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how does a tucker viewer feel about this?


and bones


he'd go norm and schill but and say clever shit about the conspiracyfags then explain it as a networking thing compare it with masonry then he'll add elks club or kiwanis to play it down


took a lil nap and had a dream that started out like the end scene from the first resident evil movie wandering around a deserted city in ruins
then eventually i starting running into roaming nonbinary queer scavengers that were dressed like babyfur ravers crossed with mad max road warriors and they told me that all the world governemnts collapsed and were replaced by a decentralized blockchain based government called Seattle


i didn't know we saw that movie


i need some good news
something postitive
everything is dark and shit


like in my dream-o-vision there was a cut-away to a pan over of an all one color world map with no borders that said SEATTLE in the middle of every continent
pretty sure i tardlaughed in my sleep



i feel a lot better now that ive started running! feel like a fresh new person


this is the future they took from us


thats really nice


greater seattlestan


in 9th grade geography class we had this assignment to come up with our own country, give it borders & a flag and come up with some facts about it and i just drew the united states and said it was 'ameristan'


hell ya me too brother!


reminds me of when our teacher assembled a chair circle for my sake and i had to do a book presentation and it was talking about how someone got mutilated and got an F infront of the entire class that was watching me


just ate a big plate of pasta probably over 1000 calories!




what book was it


order of the pheonix


toot just hacked me…


battle isle


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albino animals always look so wise


sometimes theyre too pinked out


File: 1593556519069.jpg (73.01 KB, 928x881, Capture5.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

bros… team liquids first new champ new synergy pro


dont think ive ever seen an albino dog


thinkin bout toot


theyre like gandalf the white but fuzzballs too


saw an article or something somewhere that polt was a top tfter and i thought that was funny


oh albino dogs just look like normal dogs since white is already a common fur color


platers play for 1 team
teams can play in whichever league is local to them, like english teams will play in the english league and germans in the german leagues, but there are special leagues like champions league and the europa league
epl is the best league by far because the teams have the most money
not really, sometimes players are undervalued but if they start to do really good they'll get poached by barcelona, real or an english team

national teams play friendlies now and then but it's rare since the main football leagues are always running and the good players just won't show up or will be benched for 90% of the match so the scrubs can get some practice


the transhumanist agenda


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bros lego star wars the force awakens is 75% off


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File: 1593556819198.png (11.65 KB, 420x420, 1579122525979.png) ImgOps Google


still cant believe my internet was out for 8 hours straight yesterday it was so bad i never want to experience that again


8 hours of no internet means more time to read book and stare at the wall


i miss pad so much


paddyboo come back


thought you got biblically ynaj'd or something


it's good to have soma media downloaded for when those difficult times happen



too early



im gay as hell

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