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only drink decaf now it doesnt give you headaches


File: 1507073505856.jpg (254.5 KB, 1200x932, DLLAKpUUMAE6BYk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


the great finno-korean hyperwar


n little bitch ass sword



guess we have to post in this shitty thread now


why does my mouth hurt when i eat food

once i wake up…


was that the owner? was it because the guy was smoking or something


hate this thread tbqphwy but i don't want to be wasteful


omo! owo
pickle rick in the house!
*grabs u beelu*
.t brapina


i hope he beat the fire extinguisher guy up


its a failed get meme anime thread you fucking moron why are you defending it


a beelu a beelu i wanna drink a beelu!


a beelu a beelu i wanna drink a beelu!


a fine mess…


by jove


leave her outta this


kai is a god


king kai


pickle rick is in the house tonight
pickle rick is gonna have a good time


File: 1507075006172.jpg (190.63 KB, 1200x1200, miku24.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i want brapina to give me pink eye


zacharia and brapina sneakin around behind tins back


hima is crazy rn


yeah its poppin


now this thread here >>103715 is what i would call an epic fail

must be some new boy from the /vg/


really sleepy rn


crackin open another beelu


pop your pussy while i pop this painkilla


*takes a fat gay shit*


picture of turt sighted on hima


friends… we're friends…


me? i have a headache


i think toots trying to get rid of us
he doesnt want this responsibility anymore


friends with benefits…
tins lips…


tins STINKY BUTTHOLE!!!!!!!!!
IMAGINE THE SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CAUSE HE HASNT SHOWERED IN TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


spook rap…


File: 1507076789782.jpg (36.44 KB, 588x525, 1505221570120.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

There is a time and a place for anime. The time is now. The place is here




terrible drawing


so do you eat the orange slice after you drink the beer


seriously? uhhh you do know what the orange slice is for right? youre not a virgin are you?


someone linked a vid to a black lady joing a d*ldo with a grapefruit once is it that


strange posts tonight


suck my tiny disgusting pip


oh yeh i was gonna go read vod's tweets


namaste pig skin bitches

long time no see you still here peck shit like feral chicken pack


for demented lizard brained freaks 10 minutes is a long time it seems


anyone got some hot sc2 replays


how about i bend you over and pull your little jerky skin balls and shoot you off like sling shot fucking pig skin bitch


File: 1507077374211.jpg (32.77 KB, 448x604, n1367766153_30005663_1767.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

omo goth wgirls


may you all embrace the chaos god bless


hbt look soo good now that he sobered up

such clear skin



frick those john player standards

went out and bought some b&h golds


imagine this.. goth gooks..



wait THAT'S hbt??? wtf i wanna FLIP her!!


this is required listening to posting


listening to judas priest atm


is that allie sins sister? half sister


File: 1507078387556.jpg (456.01 KB, 1156x1024, k-on_kmfdm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dead site…


cool another meme internet album


kmfdm isnt a meme you fucking retard


cool another meme internet album!!!

how is it a flood if i'm quoting a different post even 4chan isn't this bad SHIT


2oot hates you


i hate me too


hmm what should i post about today


cup head, brapina and pickle rick!!!!!


gonna feed my future son extra soy cooked in tap to make sure he ends up a trap


i downloaded tidner and didnt see any pretty girls..


your wife's son amirite


well duh, 3d girls are shit. why do you think norms are depressed all the time?


cause they dont drink beelu or watch pickle rick!!!


terry is live streaming right now

guy is living in a car, hes really gone down hill



hope he turns it around


he won't. his parents will die next from all this stress. they're like 100 years old a piece


not gonna happen
instead of getting help he keeps letting the internet brainwash him


going to buy me some of these rings so i can browse the net forever


invite terry to 162


hey guy, im home


why cant i fullscreeen a youtube video. is this your fault 2oot?


welcome home *kiss*






drank too much my heart is gonna explode


File: 1507080707442.jpg (230.92 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_oupdbdXmwp1ti6w0wo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*invites brapina over*

its happening




wings, fries, steak philly… good dindins




is she gonna brap in your eye and give you pink eye?


i eat healthy


this guy is like the god father of asmr


File: 1507080867120.png (10.31 KB, 169x157, b96766141b7a1a155f977aac45….png) ImgOps Google

omo vodnvape…


delete this


doing…his thing????


doing his thing…
acting like a fag…
globalist finally got him…


its photoshopped


ugh hw


Hi I'm new here! Redpill me on 162 :3


basically we're all gay here and suck eachothers dicks




basically this vodnvape guy is a fag now i guess
idk what to believe anymore
only one right in the brain is tin who has supernatural powers to predict events





vodnvape is really cool and great and basically you're a retard


oh? is he your boyfriend? why dont you kiss him, faggot


gross tossshitter replied to one of my posts


cool guy alex


wish i could kiss vodnvape..


all this ironic gay posting is making me almost as mad as aa posting


gonna order new clothes
the question is…what do 30 year old men wear every day…


yeah "ironic" lol haha


$600 bape jackets


this place is pretty dead and in a bad way since tp is here, making everything very "unchill"


gym shorts and shirts from woot sales


haters mad at me cause
i got me some bathin ape




you got that stink stank stunk


the problem is that i wear the same 4 gym shorts every single day
i want to attract a wife cant do it in the ol champion mesh shorts ($10) and blank uniqlo tshirt ($10) !!!!


why do you wear 4 gym shorts, dont you have a chair towel?





yeah i want a wife so what
my life is empty im 30 years old im miserable i want a wife and 2-3 kids NOW


you complain about complaining


complaining about complaining is ok though because it points out just how much of a bitch you are




i dont want to argue with someone who knows how to use italics. ill lose every time


if they italic theyre already finished


too busy wanting to die to worry about wives or singular wifes


googled "what do 30 year old men wear"
got a bunch of retards with beards and sportcoats

fuck u google


fuck you google?
nah fuck YOU kid


you're old as fuark dude
just end your life already it's only going to get worse from here


me? wont say my real age


might make pancakes just for something to do


im 14


ok ive decided
button up shirts but flat bottom so i dont have to tuck
short sleeve in the summer long sleeve in the winter
now for the bottoms + shoes….hmmm…




maybe gonna wear a kimono 24/7


seems comfy


red pill me on comfy memes haha




jshut the fuck up retard?? :)






*drags a large blanket into the thread*


i gotta listen to joe rogan talk to this black guy to find out whats really going on


say joy lane 3 times in the mirror in the dark


nah id just mess it up like i mess up everything…


we wear cargo shorts and sandals here


i wore tear aways today



i only wear black metal t shirts now


File: 1507084309342.jpg (457.27 KB, 2048x1529, velma_cyclops.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


love cosplayers wonderful people


the comm..


anyone have a drooping eyelid


is that what negative canthal tilt means


i dunno my left eyelid is just drooping all of a sudden


You say all of that, and then ignore the fact that you're a beta anime virgin, LITERALLY the antithesis of what a man is supposed to be.
You allow women (IRL) bully you and push you around, and whenever you have some power (digitally) you use your chances to get back at your IRL bullies through your computer screen, whether it's verbally or via avatars in a videogame, where there are no consequences for your actions.

Then, after all this, you masturbate to some anime porn, like the pathetic waste of skin you are, really, people like you shouldn't have been born, but yet, here you are, downing women over the internet like all the other thirsty betas that will never get any, not even from a prostitute since you're too scared to call one.

It's sad, but that's modern life I guess


im freakin gay


im not a worshiper


File: 1507084716603.jpg (89.63 KB, 734x769, 1490476706999.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

me too wanna compete


just looked at adam sessler's twitter
every other tweet is trump-related
dedicating his life to retweeting anti-trump tweets, very bizarre behavior that is becoming quite common


its a mind disease


wish i could devote my life to something


File: 1507085316132.png (21.91 KB, 300x100, 257.png) ImgOps Google


epic banner


i know a local womens college that needs a hand


can they tell me anything about my koi fish?


dont be sexist


i saw the ppg movie in theaters


they can tell you everything about your koi fish


fucking feminist die


hmm thats not the reaction i expected


had a very warhol esque post queued up but didnt post it


dont be sexist


pop art? more like BIG FART


post it dude now im really curious:/

wait what if you did post it and that was it… woah… good one………..


its october and im thinkin about poppin on the AC
freakin sweatin


my hands hurt :(



It's a matter of perspective


gonna have to watch this one tomorrow…gonna pop open ab ook and get ready for the sleep zone!


put the glass covers on the aquariums… hope nothing bad happens…


reviewbrah is honestly boring as fuck how do you stand to watch this rat faced fuck ramble about fast food and other mindnumbingly banal shit


File: 1507086210299.png (53.2 KB, 256x256, thinking-face.png) ImgOps Google

It's a matter of perspective


File: 1507086237658.jpg (44.14 KB, 564x593, afccfdfabbcedcdbbc-1489794….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


worst post ive ever seen here




he has a committed fanbase


he's a good boy


File: 1507086411475.jpg (361.65 KB, 1636x1009, i10504704941.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It's a matter of perspective i guess


from my perspective you should have been left on a hillside in your infancy


File: 1507086549116.webm (2.12 MB, 608x1080, arin holy crap.webm) ImgOps Google

yes… a matter of… perspective…


File: 1507086569449.webm (396.67 KB, 1920x1080, omo seolhyun.....webm) ImgOps Google


fucking hate chinks and gooks


i want to die



now we know the review poster hates chinks and gooks


File: 1507086802223.webm (1.05 MB, 320x426, fuck this.webm) ImgOps Google

It's a matter of perspective













the embed shows
i learned that awhile ago


you can spam the embed if you change the image each time lol





i feel like everyone went to himasugi or something….
i feel abandoned


File: 1507087250957.png (147.62 KB, 500x531, 1432083868617.png) ImgOps Google


hima is stimulating


"oh boy they're having a big party over there haha i guess we should go check it out cmon boys a bunch of 162s are already there haha…."
toot i get it man, you dont want us here anymore…


just shut it down instead of these weird hima posts all the time trying to gently nudge us out


File: 1507087369257.jpg (120.86 KB, 436x501, 1501769788894.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



hima? more like no thank you


we dead


going out for a smoke

better be some new posts when i get back




used to be my fav restaurant



yeah better head on over to hima eh? i hear…its very undead haha….cmon….



cp don't click


we need another REAL war to harden up you pussy ass bitches. death is a good thing, it keeps the strong blood going and thins out the worthless herd to give some relief to our resources


those benson and hedges golds are p freaking good


yeh dude thats what the west needs at a time of psychological and moral confusion is big gov directing its soy bloated citizens into the meatgrinder


grind my meat :(


meatgrinders havent been a thing anywhere on earth since the stinkers during the norkgook war


i might order a pizza…. idk


all this meat talk is making me hungry


ordered it


ordered my cum on your pizza lol




i am feeling particularly down today


lachrymose bro…


fortnite battle royale…


b1tch im morose and lugubrious
imma let the uzi spit
turn his face into gooky shit


drank too much. starting to feel a nasty mood coming on. i should stop


its so fucking hot


cant believe 162 is slipping away


it was doomed the moment tin predicted the apocalypse


shaky foundations


well these japanese rocks they gave me are too big
too big


you gonna get to work with the hammer again?


slipping agook


phew got all my work done


gonna have to think on it…


ah… where is the pizza


well, it was p bad but ive been eating it anyways. spraying old sriracha all over it helps a little bit so it doesnt really taste so terrible and just tastes like cheesy sriricha


File: 1507093992140.gif (2.46 MB, 540x270, tumblr_ouf4coDwSj1sk2kqwo1….gif) ImgOps Google

just had a hot pock


just had a hot gook


Dice rollRolled 2


Dice rollRolled 1

1 cig
2 wait


File: 1507094197845.gif (1.36 MB, 549x280, tumblr_ouevhjwdSh1uwnnbeo1….gif) ImgOps Google

hot pock


dead tin


File: 1507094408101.jpg (159.77 KB, 1075x1325, tumblr_ovpdb2znvJ1rbjj14o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

tbh i just fapped and now im bored as shit i should have fapped longer


pizza guy called me "brudda " and told me to have a gn


File: 1507094606746.gif (2.18 MB, 268x300, tumblr_oul95jBsPE1tuownro4….gif) ImgOps Google

fuck this kinda sucks balls tbh


File: 1507094649483.gif (2.17 MB, 250x305, tumblr_ov8st9mnXt1tkiusso1….gif) ImgOps Google

20$ + tip


when mommy tinny orders pizza tinny sits at the window looking for the pizza guy… excitingly slapping himself in the head and vibrating


File: 1507095113844.jpg (106.97 KB, 1200x901, tumblr_ov6eogaEAu1s2yc47o6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

shut up

your toxic remarks dont help anything




she has to put the pizza box on top of the refrigerator where you can't reach


File: 1507095440737.jpg (169.47 KB, 1200x901, tumblr_ov6eogaEAu1s2yc47o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

shut the fuck up dude

ur toxic ass ruins everything


pizza boy handed the box to tinny once… he shook it up so bad on the short trip from the door to the kitchen you had to eat it with a fork


pizza boy got no tip that day


not sure if i should drink tonight.. itd be 7 nights in a row i think


File: 1507095586682.png (314.49 KB, 540x662, tumblr_ov820a6Bzl1uy6fwao1….png) ImgOps Google

ill eat a deep dish zah with a fork bring it on



worlds ending soon so you might as well


File: 1507095945017.jpg (228.22 KB, 1280x850, tumblr_ourt3qj49h1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

october suprise coming

las vegas was the beginning


i bought a big thing of whiskey cause it was a good deal but bringing it home and pouring it makes me realize how ridiculous it is. its a handle of whiskey but there is no handle, its just this smooth oblong shape that is hard to grip. like a giant novelty hip flask

what a life


chug it


is it in a plastic bottle


hey tin watch nobodytm he makes videos up your alley


File: 1507096164612.jpg (726.9 KB, 1260x1736, tumblr_ouu7i9mmY71s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lol spoopy voice over twerking


did you listen to it or did you just let your eyes glaze over like you do when you turn on irl twitch streams?


File: 1507096599392.jpg (152.39 KB, 560x739, tumblr_ovv4xvn3L21s2yc47o7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

pretty sure ive actually heard this before a few years ago

not interested tho


what does interest you now tinny?


don't try to re humanize tinny
it never works and so making up stories where he acts like an animal while he makes his brap and twitch irl stream link posts works much better


good night v.v


File: 1507097019253.jpg (113.33 KB, 1200x801, tumblr_ov91smETJh1s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



yeah itd be the most humane thing to just put tin out of its misery


File: 1507097308203.gif (1.77 MB, 440x280, tumblr_ouf958fADo1rnodz0o1….gif) ImgOps Google

shut the fuck up with your toxic fuckin remarks

ur not adding anything


getting a fake tinny vibe


tin if i walked up to you and presented enough of a threat then "accidentally" dropped a gun next to you would you kill me


reminder that tin is a literal semite


noted and checkkked my good man. shadilay!!!


im not american


fantasy life was a really nice game. dunno why everyone hated it so much


never even heard of it


beers been in the freezer for about 20 now


ugh… i drank way too much…


my hands still hurt


from huwhat


touhou really helped me appreciate the beauty of autumn… it used to just depress me, but i really enjoy it now


File: 1507100296596.png (260.69 KB, 581x593, 1507072529672.png) ImgOps Google

check out this sweet anime pic dont forget to like and subscribe and check out the link to my patreon


what was that nip that got posted awhile back who would I've really stupid stuff? i want to watch more of her videos they were great honestly




idk i think i'm dying


dont know of many deadly afflictions of the hand


diabetic hand pain


thought i had watched all of hajime no ippo but it turns out the 2nd and 3rd season have different names so they never showed up in the episode list






File: 1507101978563.png (1.62 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_6621.PNG) ImgOps Google


the good men and women at 8ch


ill be honest i only phonepost i just missed it correct invent to I've…..


another horrible night




have a goodnight brudda


i should try using some sand if i redo this aquarium


real talk im gay


globies got you good


popped this big cyst thats been on my cats back for months again just now
really gross stuff


cuphead is the dark souls of video games


crowbcat heh….one of the view youtube channels i actually watch


fuck thats good


ugh twitchnorms overreacting to games again


*rummages through freezer*
*finds it*
heh you know whats for lunch today >:)


wish i didn't watch that cuphead thing


didnt watch the cuphead thing because cuphead looks stupid




that guy got really mad at me when i made fun of it a few days ago


it was a girl


i can't talk to people. never been able to
if i spoke freely and said what really comes to my mind… it wouldn't be good


i wanna FUCK sickzii do you understand???


twisted fucking psychopath


embrace…the chaos…


its not like that…


is that something jordan memerson talks about


yeah i know im just incapable of genuine communication without the crutch of memes


i require feeding


dont look at me im not your mommy





oh okay
they take their sweet time updating the daily puzzle and this is the best they can come up with?


made some really good posts yesterday


2oot here, no you didn't


never pretend to be me again


toot when are you gonna add more wordfilters


never ever


w/e dude im gonna block your javascript coin miner then


im not your slave donkey


tooty boy~


deja vu


simply love doing nothing all day




i was being sarcastic i am very depressed


youre all idiots
why do i even waste me genius posts on a place where only a couple numb skulls will see them and not understand them


yeah i agree you should stop posting here


no i think ill just bring more people here
that will be better


are you seeking help


im on anti ds but i have called the shrink yet…i keep putting it off…


depression is a selfish thing

you think everyone else wants to work all the time and be happy about it?

stop being a selfish faggot and put your emotions away, cupcake


shut up


yeh the truth hurts doesnt it? pussy boy


thats whats wrong with this generation they all think its okay to share your emotions and be nice all the time and act like pansies

meanwhile older generations that had life much harder werent a bunch of therapy seeking pussies

they dealt with their emotions like men are supposed to by bottling them up


shut up


might go out but then i'd have to stay out all night… kind of expensive and would have to buy alcohol too…. nothing to do here though… slapped the pip yesterday… hmm…..


i slap my pip every day
multiple times


i just spent like 2 hours writing this extremely personal confession type thing and i can't stop shaking. i feel really sick


post it


if i posted it i think i would die


dont post it then!!!


feel better if i only slap my pip now and then, almost never more than once in a three day span


if you write an in-depth confessional thing don't do anything with it for like a week minimum then read it over and see if you feel like you were just being melodramatic that's what happens to me


guess im just chock full of test


monty python fans are the absolute worst…
nothing funny about monty python at all…


its okay


its just okay


nothing to get angry about


now that i've moved these little shrimps out of my old aquarium and into this new one
i'm seeing this mold algae shit on the wood in my old, empty aquarium
really makes me think…. we're the shrimps eating it….



pee in it lol haha


shrimpy want beelu! beelu!


*pees in tank*


yep lots of sickos here….


listening to yuru yuri character songs


gookmorning everyone! im up early and have the whole day to look forward to
*stays in bed*


stayed in bed too long


i saw a webm of that show where the blonde anime steps on a snake

so the image i've seen of that gadgetstan libertarian meme snake on top of the the blonde yuri yuri girls head is because of that scene….




that guy said something about the show so i wanted to share that


what's he on about


excited for blade runner tommorow…


did we beat cuphead yet


we beat our pips


which circle of h(ck are we going to bros



dont wanna click that…seems suspicious…


beat my pip to some gay stuff



homonorms leave


*kisses ab oy*


now touch his dick homo


*touches ad ick*




hmm dunno if i should cheap out and get the 6 dollar led juggling balls or get the mode selector ones at 14/ball


how about one lead ball right between the eyes


The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eighth Level of Hell - The Malebolge!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Level | Score
Purgatory | Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo | Moderate
Level 2 | High
Level 3 | High
Level 4 | Low
Level 5 | Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis | Very High
Level 7 | High
Level 8 - The Malebolge | Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus | Moderate

Level descriptions: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/dante-inferno-information.html
Take the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/dante-inferno-test.mv




nice i got level 6


Dice rollRolled 6

^my level


im in an edgy minimal techno club but im just kinda bored and hungry


snap a pic


its so edgy that the entrance is an unmarked door in a building with another name


i tried taking a picture but it's too dark and if you use flash you get excommunicated


whos playing


hyein… maybe?


not me


to be fair you have to have a very high iq to understand pickle rick and morty


awfully good post


makin chicken nuggets




File: 1507135039356.png (8.6 KB, 279x311, Screenshot_2017-10-04_18-3….png) ImgOps Google

brace yourself turt we are going down


how did that guy block ads on twitch


its pointless
hes never going to reveal his secrets
probably scared twitch will patch their website if he says it


*blocks ads on twitch* im a god


what is the color of night? ?


no im 2scared


its ok youre not fighting the ACTUAL devil in the game…


im gay


good mythical morning everyone


gay asf


File: 1507137294561.jpg (691.58 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_0994.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


soakin up da rays


kinda like this pic but ive had bad experience with cat pics here


rest in peace shermy
i will never forget you


rio chan


i bet he has a raspy meow… baritone and raspy


a little thin meow :3


gently shy meow :3


hungry, tired, bored… ah, that's the life for me


really sleepy but i got 2 more hours until im done for the day :/


*splashes ice cold water at your face*
stay AWAKE!!!!


sickzii will suck your dick if you fall asleep


*takes a handful of benedryl and ambien*


still sleepy though


fucking toot this is unacceptable


*pinches your vagus nerve to raise your heartbeat*
there you go


sorry ill fix it soon


sickzii doesnt cum in my mouth anymore only inside :/
then when i eat it i have to fart it out and it smells gross…. :/


File: 1507139901743.jpg (36.11 KB, 1080x352, IMG_20171004_205725.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

was taken?


fucking clean yourself moron


File: 1507139941324.jpeg (69.89 KB, 500x625, t3_5pec5f.jpeg) ImgOps Google


like in that movie
what was it called again?




wonder if she has a big pip…


Feeling angry right now


File: 1507140102536.jpeg (24.42 KB, 540x720, eb9f797115d883f396711cb86….jpeg) ImgOps Google


a handful of benadryl…. spiders on the walls……….


its 8 pm but im so tired ill probably just go to sleep
have to wake up daily at 6am now and am away from home for 12 hours
shit is killing me, at least its just like 2 more weeks


all i see in that pic is a gook with big boobies
idk what your talking about



[JUFD-593] A Slut Who Tempts With Dirty Talk And Teases With Pull Out Sex ~ My Business Partner Who Enjoys Torturing Me To Death 720p- Starring "Kaori"


i wanna be tortured to death by a dirty talking slut


i wanna eat pizza with a sexy gook


i wanna watch sickzii stream darksouls


so i guess this is growing up…




no he swears too much
i wanna watch a stinker jam her heel up her vagina live on cam while playing league of legends


im too bad rofl, i keep dying and i have no idea where i need to go


id just look it up


sickzii more like giveupzii


im not giving up


File: 1507142093369.gif (460.16 KB, 426x240, fbe405eb3739090ed8d1db656c….gif) ImgOps Google

imagine sickzii failing a boss fight for the fifth time and being all cute and flustered…


fifth isnt much lol, i kept on dying in blighttown


you can do it~!


dont have to imagine


remember when eggman and pizza slowdanced on stream?


remember when sickzii used to whistle like a songbird…





we need to start bombing the americans NOW
bunch of degenerate nutjobs


A single dose of Ketamine rapidly reduced suicidal thoughts, within 1 day and for up to 1 week in depressed patients with suicidal ideation: American Journal of Psychiatry

yes, the answer is drugs
do globbies really think we are that dumb or what


im dumb


i gotta bust a nut im getting way too testy


when you gotta nut you gotta nut


gook song


iu? slut


File: 1507144216958.jpg (598.75 KB, 1000x1500, 171001-07.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

joy? perfect


me? white


gooks? meh


seulgi? babe


rick? pickle


File: 1507144532644.jpg (287.91 KB, 1194x1038, 1507144131601.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



i model my dance moves after the crowd from gh3


File: 1507144846046.gif (2.8 MB, 329x245, tumblr_ox2b7zcPjf1s61zw6o3….gif) ImgOps Google

time to get freaky…


File: 1507144897235.jpg (2.1 MB, 2000x1331, 0000034346_001_20170814092….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

frick off


stop posting ugly ass kgirls then


File: 1507145008029.jpg (4.25 MB, 2000x3005, 0000034347_001_20170814092….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fite me faggot


File: 1507145048360.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x1331, 0000034352_001_20170814092….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

one thing i hate
gay faggots


File: 1507145092774.jpg (823.2 KB, 3824x2544, 0000034354_001_20170814092….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if you dont like hot gooks dont even bother replying to me


i had a dream where there was a guy driving a motorcycle in front of my and i gave him a thumbs up so he starts dabbing and i take a picture of him but we start getting really close so i get nervous but he escalates doing increasingly more elaborate tricks on his motorcycle while dabbing and i keep snappin pics


did it end up with him crashing his bike and dying




no i dont remember what happened after


pretty jealous
i always have really stressful dreams


it was extremely stressful are you kidding? i had no desire to take pictures of him at all and was constantly afraid we were going to crash into each other


he just kept doing more and more crazy tricks and i HAD to keep taking pictures of him it was awful he wouldnt stop


oh ok


my dreams last couple of nights? back to back nightmares


thats more like it… we have nightmares here
we have troubled pasts…


File: 1507145998516.jpg (49.8 KB, 790x445, 1507139054730.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lol this looks like shit
thank you ill get my samsung galaxy s8 instead



why arent you buying huawei or xiaomi fucking noob???


>When the price of bitcoin surpassed $4,000 and a market cap of $73 billion, the perception toward cryptocurrencies and bitcoin has started to change. Skeptics such as Cuban and Schiff have begun to demonstrate interest towards bitcoin and its structure.

fucking neurotypicals lmao


butt hurts… farting is happening… i think its going down tonight..


some of you here need this


the only thing im addicted to is sickziis dick



last dream i had was really nice actually, dreamed i was marrying this girl from college that i liked but i wasn't even sad when i woke up because it was just so nice


yeah man just shit out an embedded hour long video
i like that


this one girl at the techno club has been non-stop full body spazzing this whole time how does she have so much energy wtf i can barely get out of bed


finally home
time to pour myself a white russian before bed


look at mr fancy drinks over here


not really fancy just tasty


i posted that yesterday..


162 really is dead


an hour long? closed


take me with you one six two


bitcoin is a SCAM


found a cute street


are you gonna live on it?



what kind of dance is THAT


its the booby bop


*booby bops*


choco party

goo goo


gonna live with mom as usual


momies like that



the fact of the matter is that im a huge loser


i feel like it'd be painful to have your boobs bounce like that


waiting for the train and an old asian lady sat next to me what do i do


trains? outdated transportation


fuck you trains are awesome


choo choo


sprinkle your pubes on her like in that video


big dick bitch


dot com


hi 162,

need your kind advice.. currently on vacation, been drinking heavily (beer staring noon time, and g&t later at night). am talking about maybe 12-15 beers nad 5-6 g&ts…

need to start work in a weeks time… am afraid i will have some mild w/drawals i need to be on top of things if you know what i mean

nos, is 3 weeks enough to make me go thru pain and craving ? i plan on stopping 3 days before, will have a few beers at night to 'taper' but thats all

is that gonna work ? or shud i quite right away ? or shud i go on diazepam for a week's time after i quit

really need you advise here guys

thanks in advance


hip flask


not reading that


diazepam will help a lot with withdrawals. if you can control yourself tapering the booze will make it less painful too

make sure you get vitamin b1 / b12, berocca is a common source for alchos


drinking stinking and chinking!


alcoholic fucking loser lol


i dont feel


i used to call my mom a spook when i was younger.. she would get so offended lol






cookin chicken…yet again…


we dont cook here.. fast food delivered to us only


quick hide the gooks the cops are coming!!


im looking through tinder and this girl has a syringe emoji in her bio.. what does that mean..


she stims


convenience store gook was asleep at the counter so i just slipped the bill under her elbow and left part of the wrapper so she'd be able to keep inventory correct! did a good deed today boys :-)


good boy


a good boy



no cause the next guy that comes in is just going to rape her and steal everything cause she was asleep


a man of morality and dignity


batu batu



ill be pretty upset if someone rapes her and steals the money i left honestly


got a 'lix 3 tendie meal with mac n cheese and potato wedges again
also got 2 big ol bags of candy buy 1 get 1 free


what kinda candy…


whats with all those porn videos of guys coming on passed out girls anyway…
whats the frigging point


Another naughty emoji, the microphone can mean a male orgasm



dont give phones yous


is disney world good? everyone always says how good it is


idk i hate disney


no one has ever said disney world is good


reese's cups


dads making tacos for dinner…


disney world = globalist utopia


this site is acting weird for me
possibly hacking me


are you gonnna suck his fat hard cock


they always say "im going to disney world!" like that


they were paid to say that or something


i dont think anyone ever went to disney land


the super bowl mvp i think gets a free trip if he says it


what fast food should i have my mom get me.. can get mcdonalds.. burger king.. taco bell.. wendys.. checkers..


toot i cant upload a gif of that big boy destroying the little bully


tricked this noob into a stalemate get rapped on kid


i went to disney world in paris a decade ago
even then france was absolutely full of negroids
it felt like i was in america






every major attraction gets the browns
even ikea, the area around my nearest ikea is pretty white but hoo boy do the non-whites zoom over there…

except sports games, thats a white people thing even black people sports like basketball is all white


what fast food should i have my mom get me.. can get mcdonalds.. burger king.. taco bell.. wendys.. checkers..


oops didnt mean to post that twice


rodeo king from bk
or get real sloppy with some checkers and feel like shit for the next 3 hours >:D


rodeo king looks kinda expensive for one sandwich.. might just get like 4 dollar menu burgers and some fries..


careful man the fries are where they get you


speaking of fries.. havent had the checkers fries in a while and theyre really good


checkers has real good fries
and if u get the fully loaded fries box…and a big buford…oh boy


oh boy…


worst fast food? long john silvers


oh my god i get sick just driving by those


it is the greasiest over-battered piece of chicken or fish u will ever have…




gook morning!


its 6pm


yea im on an alt-schedule


y'know the bright side of all this tap water, bottled water and soy stuff is that you won't lose your hair


i drink filtered water, balding


File: 1507154433852.jpg (121.35 KB, 1200x801, tumblr_ov91smETJh1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewers head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenevs Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.
And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid


fuck off tinshit


you guys ever drink cheers beer? its a little bit sweet and gave me a headache but it was p good


seems for the queers


gonna gook

gook ya later fam


norm can guide a beer-slide around a bar corner!


File: 1507154640631.jpg (244.43 KB, 1280x924, tumblr_out42smVPa1s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewers head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenevs Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.
And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid./


tin what are your official thoughts on *rips a big fart* paying for a vietnamese wife

good or bad?


wish i went to school with tinny so i could have pushed his head down the toilet and flushed it



calm down dude its just a game jeez




tins cool
he worked at publix, which i assume was a hotspot for the cool kids
and his names chad

face it, tin was one of the cool norms



miscegenation should be outlawed


he doesnt have a chin?


File: 1507155123154.jpg (114.17 KB, 500x739, tumblr_ovv56ieVdZ1s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

do it i dont care


i had to copy paste that
yeah totally know what it means


it means race mixing


race mix with my ass daddy


File: 1507155496985.jpg (481.76 KB, 1600x1200, pcDlJcJ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

its time..


a big bag for a big fat boy…!


im afraid we're both whiteoids
only person here with negroid admixture is tinny


whatd ya get


omg checkers really ~___~


man i wish i had a big buford in front of me right now…


chicken burger.. cheeseburger.. chili cheese fries..


that sounds real good


i have no checkers, no publix, no meijers, no culvers, no NOTHIN around me ugh


do you have in n out burger ive always wanted to try that


go in n out my ass daddy


*does it*


that will be 10.99


watching videos of other people being productive does not make you productive


was pretty disappointed by the chili cheese fries.. they were kinda cold and soggy.. just had the 2 sandwiches and a few fries..


i only watch videos of mentally ill people


i only watch whiteoids


for great justice!


thinking about embracing the chaos…


yelling at mommy huh…





no mom i dont care that its a three hour drive i want to have checkers for dinner and no i wont tell you why BITCH


odyssey soon


Cam Newton ripped for sexist response to woman reporter's question


looks good…


took the leap gonna be headed to africa 2 weeks from now as a missionary


thats certainly embracing some chaos….



embrace this chaos


got super angry today for no reason


hey fedsmoker….


hows your sleep schedule been lately?


fedsmoker more like pedchoker


uhh i dunno same as usual i think?



lol silly gooks


maybe your just a stupid fucking n1gger lol





been sleeping from 7am to 5pm lately gotta fix that


lol simply epic my man :D



yea was it


kill yourself fucking retard :)


simmer down boys


so h*cking tired


FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Divine Chaos: A compendium of music from the new digital underground. 141 new tracks stretching across 4 individual volumes, released day by day between October 5th – 8th, 2017.

thats a lot of new vaporwave….


alright this guy needs restraining
someone get his legs


*gets his legs*


*gets his arms*
take him out the fuckin door bro i dont wanna see him


*takes him out the fucking door*


you guys are being epic right now


asian girls? their hair smells really bad


let go of him!!!


ive never even smelled an asian girl


*sits on the porch*

hmm i really done it this time havent i


me neither we only had 2 asian girls in my high school and i didnt note any smells


why do stinkers like adidas?


because all day they dream about sex


new stinker money latches on to whatever is popular


based a new video from our guy


angry gook nerd


they did a study on hunter gatherers and apparently the way sleeping patterns work in any tribe of people there is enough variance to always have someone in the tribe awake at all times with only like a minutes long gap or something


thats amazing


*takes notes* thats amazing






ugh hate those


fighting crime
trying to save the world
here they come just in time~






only thing going through my mind


only hoes i care about
pumping in the pipe fumes
car running, windows up
hoping imma die soon


Dice rollRolled 3, 3, 4 = 10

evens zodiac
odds life aquatic
doubles eat first


well that was exactly the opposite roll of what i wanted


getting kinda bloated


well you can't always get what you want..


Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 1 = 11

wait zero isnt even a number im rerolling this


gonna take a bath…
no lavender tonight though…. lamesauce LMFAO


could really use some za right now


disobeying the rules of the roll, tsk tsk tsk
0 is an even number in roll


last time i checked 10 is an even number


check again, bucko


or is it


lets crunch the numbers


File: 1507159999774.jpg (203.32 KB, 813x911, 1507157806574.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the absolute state of catholics


sorry we dont care polshitter


woke up from my nap
sipping on a white russian


catholoid detected


how come god only chooses italians to be his popes


the pope is argentinian




yeah 1 argentinian out of 200 popes (184 italian)
*squirms out and starts using words like disproportionate*


there was a polish pope too :)
a good pope…


*sucks some black toes*
it's just what we catholics do


File: 1507160762524.jpg (657.25 KB, 1248x1920, tumblr_ovbzt7fy841s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the pope is an italian immigrant from argentina


i want to go to a Mass at my local Benedictine Abbey but i never got confirmed…


thats what i said twenty posts ago tinshit


and you can't go?


so can someone answer


File: 1507160960911.jpg (325.97 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_ovr9wpszH01s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



there's literally mafias in the vatican i.e opus dei


ok thank you tinshit ily


if i take communion i'd be a sin and it seems pretty pointless without that


File: 1507161145859.jpg (73.53 KB, 517x972, tumblr_ovv6omLHi71s2yc47o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


dont call me that




ok sorry whats your preferred pronoun


pope jp2 is one of the greatest human beings of the 20th century




File: 1507161392919.png (369.12 KB, 720x748, 1506486956818.png) ImgOps Google

*strolls into thread*


benedict? i sleep
karol was chosen by God amen


excuse me but i'm a high church protestant


i was confirmed lutheran


i was confirmed as a methodist but i went to catholic school



dream catalogue has some epic ambience going on right now live…


hi thats a very nice 2hu head you have in your wagon how much for it


nice :3


uhg right when i linked the perfect ambient track ended ~_~


this track is pretty nice too..


brb gonna overthrow the shogunate with oda


reality's tight
if the music is right


*buys that shirt*


just closed like 8 chrome windows with about 40 tabs each


70 tabs open for me rn


me? 4


seems like its getting darker earlier..


history -> clear recent history (have cookies, cache, active logins selected) > close browser

been doing this for 10 years now


4 too


7 tabs lucky number


finally finished my food so i can use my keyboard again


7 here too


akawee made a bunch of posts today


the clever hawk hides its claws


harvey weinstein allegedly raped actress rose mcgowan….

they're starting to go after hollywood jews dont they know they cant win this battle


someone invite kc again


File: 1507162715725.jpg (124.05 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_ovsl05DTyP1s2yc47o7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if brapina isnt gonna be there forget it


whos that
*fart noise*


In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power


who the frick is brapina anyways


*googles scv 162*
*click second link*
ah yes, hello boys


hi daddy~


the stamp?


File: 1507162920518.gif (916.55 KB, 500x276, 1432086289307.gif) ImgOps Google


welcome home dad


i love you son


just look at that nunime abortion




its finland speak for "gook"


i speak of the hyper war, from long ago, which destroyed civilization

finland vs korea


The Forgotten History of the Finno-Korean Hyperwar

By Han Myung-soo

Chapter 1: A History in Perspective

History as it is taught today covers what are believed to be the most
influential and world-changing events that have ever taken place. The
French Revolution, the Second world war, the independence of the United
States; various great wars, social policies, and catastrophes that have
molded each and every society that we live in today.

But there is one war that is not taught about in schools. Two great empires
that have been forever lost due to the passage of time, human meddling,
and simple bad luck. This book hopes to cover, catalog, and detail
every facet of the greatest conflict to have ever taken place on our planet;
the Finno-Korean Hyper War.

The hyper war fought between the Finnish and Hwan empires brought about change
that readers very often find difficult to believe. It is easy for us to think
of the annihilation of a people when we are taught of the holocaust, or of the
more successful battles between the Spanish Conquistadors and the Aztec empire.
The difference between the Hwans and the Aztecs, though, is that we still remember
the Aztecs. During and after the fall of the Hwan-guk, the Finnish empire set its
sights on the complete destruction of any and all policies, relics, and other
evidence that the Hwan empire had even existed at all. The bloodthirst of Hernando
Cortez pales miserably in the face of the destruction campaign wrought by the use
of the Finnish Empire's ultimate weapons of destruction.


What the reader must understand is that the level at which the Finno-Korean hyper war
changed and shaped the present day is unimaginably great. We are still discovering
various elements of today's society that were left as mere imprints from the existence
of the great empires and their various allies and enemies. Everything from governments to
mere social interaction comes from our forefathers of a forgotten time. Would you
believe that modern Finnish social etiquette is nothing more than the result of an
extremely powerful biological weapon used against their ancestors by the Hwans? Most
fall into doubt and suspicion long before they begin to believe the truth.

So I hope you, the reader, are able to adequately let go of your perception and beliefs
of the modern world, in order to fully understand these greatest of empires. I hope you,
the reader, are among those who fail to accept the reality of this war due to
preconceived notions of history and its evolution. I hope you are ready to learn of the
greatest war to ever shape our every way of life.




its not just a war ok
much more than that


the war that changed all wars… yes, the paskattako war


5/5 jos totta


anybody remember those r9k private investigator threads





im aware of them but dont remember anything from them


5/5 if true



the collapse of america started in 2003


a finnish boyfriend would be nice


im a gay homo little pip bumbum belly bop :)


what happened in 2005


i mean 2003


bely buops you stinky boy bely bumps yuo stinky boy belly bnymops you haha :)


haha :)


invasion of iraq


arent finns really touchy about personal space or something


File: 1507164484029.png (770.42 KB, 960x539, wWchHRs.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1507164507286.jpg (103.77 KB, 540x960, tumblr_ovsqurIuHf1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


if you thought the 10s were bad the 20s is going to see the free fall collapse of american hegemony and its economic system


thats so beautiful…


are the stinkers going to rule


yeh the stinkers are on the ascent


should we be learning mandarin or are they going to capture us and teach us


ice is such a spook


the former
china isnt gonna invade and conquer the US, theyre just gonna take over where US influence recedes–meanwhile the US is going to be a dystopian hell with economic depression, militarized police, domestic surveillance & political instability turned up to 11


i HATE ice posideeun


File: 1507165016223.jpg (175.87 KB, 1079x801, za.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

why did she slowdance with eggman and not me :/


america isn't going to collapse r*tards

life in the US will get shittier but we'll keep fucking around overseas for at least 20 years


*speculates about political issues amongst a forum of neets*

hmm yes i see


i have a job bitch



File: 1507165157952.jpg (499.97 KB, 1280x832, tumblr_ovbzxtwvez1s2yc47o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


it objectively is by the end of october


its already collapsing 2030 is the absolute latest that american hegemony will be totally abolished
it might happen sooner if drumpf or another president tries to avert the decline with an illadvised military endeavor like iraq 2.0


the guy who brings those giant bottles of water to my work swears that the united states' decline and the decline of judeo-christian audience are correlated

collective moral compass in disarray etc


U w U


File: 1507165426635.jpg (129.8 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_ovsl05DTyP1s2yc47o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hes right


superpower by 2020



hmm.. beer run tonight or not…


File: 1507165837997.jpg (109.39 KB, 1280x851, tumblr_ove2wazWjZ1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1507165916761.png (783.98 KB, 752x602, 1507054307232.png) ImgOps Google



istinnyajew dot com


File: 1507166154893.jpg (129.81 KB, 500x750, tumblr_ovv4oaGsxQ1s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

is tinny synonymous with brapina dot org


File: 1507166182535.jpg (141.13 KB, 613x817, tumblr_ovekz92b2Q1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dot organ donor


hilarious tin does it again im rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)


File: 1507166360615.jpg (79.13 KB, 530x667, tumblr_ovv4veN8CK1s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


nnext episode


File: 1507166505555.jpg (153.56 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_ovb0ohBLya1s2yc47o6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





kinda feel like mccyDs


tried any new vape flavors recently?


yeh i sampled a bunch at the store


File: 1507167049162.png (62.88 KB, 114x319, SumatraPDF_2017-10-01_09-5….png) ImgOps Google


chad tinny goldstein


turned myself into a


it was winter, or just cold enough. what happened to me, im so old


zacharia al-bhed talal


tell me right fuckin now who brapina is


File: 1507167387470.jpg (1.05 MB, 2048x3068, 1503446720631.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i wanna watch rick and morty with 162 bros

idk she hasnt been drawn yet shes a meme tho


File: 1507167409012.jpg (80.64 KB, 800x600, 183ob861iy0ckjpg[2].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



what did you think


they were all very sweet


i reiterate
cupshit has literally nothing to offer to me


got my beer but my mom was in the garage and beerblocked me.. so theyre currently out in the front yard behind the cinder block


dont like sweet flavors, always preferred cigarettes to hookah for that reason


you went early tonight beerboy


link a stream..




i leave my beers in the bushes along the road outside the house until dad went to bed



why do you have to hide your drinking problem


same they keep tossing in these ultra-sweet juices as freebies with my vape orders
i just toss em; nothing but "extreme ice" which is just a cool menthol type thing not too much taste


so people don't try and stop you from drinking? use you're brain


im back



*uses brain* so this…is thinking


just be upfront about your addiction


terrible advice


also when i was in the bathroom my mom went to talk to my dad and he told her one of the cats vomited in the kitchen and she replied with "oh foofanutter"


wonder what type of person prefers the sweet stuff…maybe teenage girls


File: 1507168011125.png (111.52 KB, 243x237, 100orange_2017-09-27_20-25….png) ImgOps Google

me rn




dumb anime posterQ


Ah yes another study about lack of social interaction being very bad for your brain

Oh well


the silver lining of isolation is that you're prone to an early death


theres no silver lining when the sky is all dark clouds


File: 1507168279314.webm (5.47 MB, 640x480, j'accuse feel subs englis….webm) ImgOps Google


havent been this hungover in a while. not drinking tonight


how much did you drink


a lot


went for some drunk drifting earlier was really fun but i banged my tailgate against the guard rails a couple times :/


gonna watch eraserhead tonite


i've started drinking wine

its tastier but one bottle doesn't get me as drunk as i want


hmm eraserhead gonna add that to the list of films to watch


eraserhead is cool


oh they made star wars battlefront 2
well it looks boring
no game gets me excited anymore besides tekken


saw donnie darko the other week i didnt think it was that great but maybe i just didnt get it


woah did toot change italics




idiot spook


star wars sux


you just didnt get star wars


star wars is very deep
lots of symbolism








im a very stinky boy


never watched star wars myself


me neither had my staff dictate the movie to me


your missin out! *pulls out lightsaber* luke…..i am….the father of you and the princess….is ur sister



these are not the talking robots your lookin 4 *waves hand*


poor ice is in cuffs again


bitcoin cash is falling apart


wait really


from whence should be expect the approach of danger?


File: 1507169644349.jpg (672.23 KB, 1272x1920, tumblr_ouw10kc1cZ1s2yc47o5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fapped last night but it made my sleep bad

made me feel like depleted

scared to do it again and compound it


jerkin the weener is bad


File: 1507169750790.png (83.82 KB, 808x871, CHYNA.png) ImgOps Google

chinks tryna hack me :/


god gave us sperms, not to splat on our tummies but to inject within a vagina

children are born this way


you need more cute pics like this


i mean stinkers*


*joins in*


File: 1507169816781.jpg (576.94 KB, 1280x1778, tumblr_ouw10kc1cZ1s2yc47o6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


tinny is cute


jessica is usually quite cute, and her former group has fallen apart without her god bless


cant wait for all the spooky games to come out in spooktober


never played a spooky game
unsettling yes but not spooky


never been scared by a game
remember when day9 pretended to be scared by amnesia


File: 1507170027545.png (637.41 KB, 1024x663, day9_plays_amnesia__the_da….png) ImgOps Google


whats a spooky game
i always wanted to play the one with the camera…hmmm whats it called


its a series


gonna go read one piece brb in 3 years


wish i wasnt so jaded and could get scared by games again


only reason that fucking shitcoin even exists is because jihan doesn't want to give up on his asicboosts

roger ver is one of the biggest bitches and advocates of bch and still he wont put more than 1% of his crypto into that fucking shit

you know its absolute trash utter fucking garbage junk ass shit when the people peddling it wont hold it


eyes glazed over that post


lol sameQ


oh yeah the one with the vagina monsters


File: 1507170445661.jpg (112.24 KB, 723x1280, tumblr_owego1eE6N1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im going to get a tendy sub tomorow on sale

whos with me


really the impetus to invent cocktails probably came out of the awful taste of vodka and the terrible expense of aging a proper whiskey


scoop me up in the beemer



mixing things together is something humans have done for 10k years


heard this one in my uber home lol


well anyways michigan cant be hell cause they have meijers


played this recently
its pretty bad gameplay wise but its fun because the acting and plot is so cheesy


drank way too much feel really bad


me too
*forces a shot*
*causes irreparable brain damage*
ahh, much better. hair of the dog amiright


dudr dont please


File: 1507170857566.jpg (124.47 KB, 960x1200, DFgRM_sU0AEio5s.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1507171004971.jpg (175.87 KB, 1024x683, tumblr_owge1yZnjg1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

nice dfc but whats that on her face


my sister interrupted my smoke with a lecture about cancer. now im too wired up to smoke more but im too dissatisfied with my break to move on ugh


firefox quantum is goat


this girl builds all these futuristic masks and stuff. some cool stuff sometimes


im the gee oh aye tee
that means my handles gravy


is there anything more embarrassing than a niggaboo?




no not really
theres a trashy pillhead white woman at my work, speaks in ebonics has brown children is on govt assistance, smokes newports its real funny

"namsayin" "sheeeit" "bitch im finna go arbys"


tell you tell her that 60% of westerners end up with cancer anyway and that she and everyone should just prepare themselves for the probability that will develop cancer at some point during their lives


smoking kills


thats because more than 60% smoke and or drink and or eat processed sugar


word processed sugar kills


processed sugar and prolonged sitting in bad posture are worse than smoking perhaps


im just saying if you expect to live your whole life without get cancer you're likely in for a nasty surprise


um we like to call ourselves 'jiggaboo' thank you very much




expect cancer rates to rise to 99% as everyone except the 1% get bathed in radioactive hellfire in the near future


word processors kill


spooks kill


lol that top comment


*fires up my beyblade*


*fires up my loic* newfags wont get this reference *spoilers the ending to harry potter*


stop hacking me for the love of God


beyblades intro is so punx


im watching this beyblade episode and they just called chinks ants wtf
i guess it was a different time


*pops on an episode of beyblade* sick


162ism with hima characteristics


stfu about hima idiot


and what if i dont


u'll be annoying i guess



opened just to close it


camped in the bakery for 10 minutes today for the freshest possible bread. ate it raw and hot. 9/10 my mouth hurt from how hot it was


cool i thought bakeries were only something that existed in 1917 russia


w-where do u get bread then anon


we have a lot of artisan bakeries 'round here


the supermarket where they come packaged in plastic


w-w-w-w-why s-senpai haha


n-no ;_; *posts pepe*




i-i-i-i-i-i like to t-talk like t-that u have aa fucking problem?!???-!-!-!??!?!


*tombstone piledrives the stutternorms*


vg janny is still del'ing


home…., befo' i fucked everythang up…


cant believe san andreas came out in 2004


believe it


wait a minute…!



going to buy some knee high socks :3


for me?




File: 1507176681812.jpg (212.71 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_ovws8tfMHI1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hardcore ice drama right now yos



tin why do you watch these narcissistic sociopaths broadcasting their vapid existences?


what happened between ice and andy


File: 1507177167035.gif (1.11 MB, 540x250, tumblr_owgfilSTTG1w6ly9lo1….gif) ImgOps Google

what ellse do you expect someone like me to do


become an hero




eat your own poop and bark at the mailman


afraid hotbigtit is going to emulate the recent massacre


that tard showed up when i was playing ds2 quite some time after it came out. true story


we don't have any guns here


ever wonder if theres guns and money hidden somewhere in your house
that you don't know is there…


The following is an ASCII shitpost via http://pastebin.com/raw/sJxaSEFK:
. ▂▃▅▅▅▃▂     ▲◢◤▀◥◣▃ ▍◢◤
       ▂▅▓▓▅██████▇▅◢██▀   〓 ★ 〓
      ◢▓▓▅███■▀████▓▓█◤    ◢◤ ▍◥◣
    ◢▓▓▆███▀▐ ▊▀▓▀█▓  ▓▲
   ◢▓▓▆██▀ ▼▍▍▲▌▐▓◥█▓▓█◣
 ▃ ▓▆███▓ ▍▎▌▍▍▼▍▌▓ █████▅
▐█▓█████▃▼▌▐ ▐ ▌▍▼ ◢█████▓█◣
█▊■██████◣▓ ▌▍▲◥◤ ▅██████▓█▊
◥■ ████████▅▼▀▃▆███████▓▓▼
███▓▓▀██■▀     ▀■▓▓█▓▓▓▓███
▐██◣▓▓■▀   ▍▎     ▀■▓▓▓▓█■▀
 ▀■◢▅▂▅▃ ▐ ▍ ▃▅▂▃▅ ▼◢▓██◤
    ▌ ▀█■▆▓▓▇■█■▀  ▲█▀
    ▲▀▓◣▀ ◢▍ ▐◣▀ ◢〓◤ ◢■▀
    ◢▓█◣ ◥〓▌ ▐◥〓◤  ▃▓◢▉
  ▐▓█▓◣  ◢▍  ▂◣   ◢▓███▋
   ███▓▓ ▐◣▃▅█▅  ▃▓████
   ▼██▆▇█▅ ▀██▅▓▓▓████
   ▀███■▀   ◥▌▀■▇█■▀




aw yeee toothfairy left a 20 under my pillow


File: 1507179588062.jpg (129.22 KB, 1024x759, tumblr_ovzyw1Rp0R1s2yc47o5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

only watching this faggot while hes in japan with reck



20 fake money with no value
now coins…. however


File: 1507179657707.gif (1.7 MB, 400x428, 1507084598266.gif) ImgOps Google


tinnys fate is one worse than death… foreverally watching retard streams to substitute vital human interaction
in a retard trance


tin is our kike


a moment of silence for our tin please


the streams really neat right now >>105329


well im gonna watch the thief and the cobbler


peach cobbla nigga


dads finally asleep.. the beer has been rescued..


"All of these affections then were vile, but chiefly the mad lust after males; for the soul is more the sufferer in sins, and more dishonored than the body in diseases. … [The men] have done an insult to nature itself."
homos btfod


Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo


wait did tinny say there are chinese trying to hack us?


File: 1507182354723.jpg (132.58 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_owi8r5p2gE1s2yc47o7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


woops sorry tinny meant to say toot




frick i want to go to the bakery but i woke up too late and i need to shower or the cute baker family will judge me but if i shower it will take too long for my hair to dry so how i am supposed to get delicious bread


try wearing a hat


i dont think i own any hats…. maybe its time to get creative……


File: 1507182899808.jpg (416.51 KB, 1200x1800, tumblr_ox3lctR3JY1s2yc47o6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i used to own a hat but then i took an arrow to the knee


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